Taylor Swift Files Trademark For ‘Taylor-Con’ Merchandise


Pop sensation Taylor Swift has filed a trademark for the term “TAYLOR-CON,” sparking speculation about a potential event or merchandise line centered around the star.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift has filed a trademark for “TAYLOR-CON,” hinting at a potential event or merchandise line, sparking excitement and speculation among fans.

What is Taylor-Con?

Taylor-Con is a fan convention organized by Swifties, set to take place in Dallas in March. Despite Taylor Swift’s lack of official involvement, the event has already sold out, generating significant buzz among fans.

Taylor’s Trademark Filing

Taylor Swift’s company has filed a trademark application for “TAYLOR-CON,” indicating the pop star’s interest in branding a wide range of products with the term. These products include guitar picks, jewelry, clothing, accessories, coffee cups, journals, as well as digital items such as sound recordings and computer media.

Speculation and Comparison

While the exact nature of “TAYLOR-CON” remains a mystery, some have drawn parallels to a previous trademark application filed by Swift’s company for “Midnights.” This has led to speculation about a potential new album or a major career move for the artist.

What’s Next for Taylor Swift?

With her latest trademark filing, Taylor Swift continues to expand her business ventures, further solidifying her influence in the music and merchandise industry. As fans eagerly await more details about “TAYLOR-CON,” it’s clear that Swift’s reign as a pop culture icon shows no signs of slowing down.