Alicia Witt: From “Two Weeks Notice” To Now


American actress Alicia Witt gained recognition for her role as June Carver in the 2002 comedy/romance film "Two Weeks Notice." In the movie, she portrayed a fashionable and ambitious character vying for the Chief Counsel position at a real estate company. Alicia starred alongside Hugh Grant, who played the role of an arrogant billionaire named George Wade, and Sandra Bullock, who portrayed the intelligent Harvard Law graduate Lucy Kelson, focused on environmental law and preservation.

Key Takeaway

Alicia Witt's portrayal of June Carver in "Two Weeks Notice" marked a significant point in her career, solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

Early Career and Notable Roles

Before her role in "Two Weeks Notice," Alicia Witt made a name for herself as a child actress, appearing in productions such as "Dune" and "Twin Peaks." She also shared the screen with Queen Latifah in "Last Holiday," showcasing her versatility as an actress.