20 Best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu Ever

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What are the best Wife Swap episodes on Hulu? Fans of reality shows will certainly have plenty to say about which ones they think are the best. After all, Wife Swap was one of the most dramatic and controversial shows on television when it was still airing. Sure, the premise was bizarre, but people do watch Wife Swap for its entertainment value.

What Was Wife Swap About?

As the name suggests, Wife Swap episodes follow two families who switch wives or mothers for around two weeks. The households are often very different from each other, which adds to the challenges and complications each woman might encounter. 

Think of it as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing what could be learned or unlearned from the experience. There are always lessons from Wife Swap full episodes or a few laughs at the very least. With that in mind, here are some that you should check out.


Top 15 Best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu


In this Wife Swap episode, a wife from a pro-military family has to switch places with an art teacher who is an advocate of pacifism and is a known anti-war activist. Already, this is an interesting mix and contradiction is almost inevitable. Will they learn to look at things from each other’s perspective or end up creating an even bigger gap than before? 

After all, if they approach the situation with an open-mind, it could lead to new and very important lessons in life. Aside from the drama that eventually unfolds, there are many things to take-away from what has been dubbed as one of Wife Swap USA’s best episodes yet


In today’s age where standards of beauty are often governed by what we see on social media, a person’s food choices are often judged if it is deemed “unhealthy” or “not healthy enough.” In one of the best Wife Swap episodes on Hulu, we are introduced to The Weiners and The Smiths. 

The latter weren’t shy about expressing their disapproval of the fact that the Smiths’ were overweight and ate “unhealthily.” Though there was quite a struggle, this episode serves as a lesson in setting aside judgment and seeing people for who they are instead. Definitely one of the best episodes from Wife Swap season 1.


What would it be like if a mom from rural Kentucky switches places with a mom from New York City. When it comes to raising a family, there is no standard way of doing things. The environment, for example, plays a very big role in building someone’s character. This is one of the reasons why this Wife Swap episode is interesting for many. Culture shock aside, watching both of them try and adjust to such very different lifestyles.

There were many comedic scenes, making this one of the funniest Wife Swap episodes. The episode does end on a fairly good note, with both moms realizing that their own families are perfect just the way they are. 


Sometimes, all it takes to see one’s faults is getting the chance to look at the situation from another perspective. This is exactly how it went for the two moms in this Wife Swap episode. One family has strict rules that everyone abides by, while the other has a more carefree structure when it comes to their household. 

While allowing kids to freely express themselves, things get chaotic if they abuse that freedom. The new mom tries to lay down rules, but things don’t turn out as expected. This is one of the best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu when it comes to family drama.


Next up, we have the Heiss and Kestrel families. In this Wife Swap episode, we meet a rich Italian-American housewife and an eco-friendly mom who prefers simplicity over everything else. In the Heiss household, the mother does everything– from the cooking and cleaning. The opposite is true for the Kestrel family, where the chores are equally divided. 

Though the economic gap between the families might seem like a recipe for trouble, this episode does end on a good note. A rare thing when it comes to Wife Swap USA


What would happen if you swap a pampered southern belle who believes she deserves only the best, with a dairy farmer from upstate New York who values hard work? It makes one of the best Wife Swap episodes on Hulu, that’s for sure. This episode is pretty similar to the Heiss and Kestrel episode, though some might say it is a lot funnier in comparison.

During the exchange, fashion-loving Christie Baker has to tend 150 cows – on top of caring for the family. On the other hand, Audrey Donahoe has to wrangle the Baker children and teach them a thing or two about housework. Despite the tears and the challenges, both families do end up learning from each other.


Video games can be a big part of some people’s lives. Some make a living through competitive gaming. However, in this Wife Swap episode, we are shown how it can also affect family life if not kept in check. After all, balance is key when it comes to anything – even the hobbies we enjoy. 

For the Milorey family, gaming is life. They spend more time playing video games than doing other stuff, which has significantly impacted their lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Boyd’s treat life as a competition, which is, for the most part, an unhealthy mindset to have. Even today, this is still considered to be one of the most intense Wife Swap episodes


When it comes to this episode of the Wife Swap TV series, we are introduced to the Fontaine and Herman families. Ellen Herman is a working mom who is in the real estate business. She works long hours so the family has a housekeeper and a house manager to manage all of their domestic needs.  

Meanwhile, Donna Fontaine is a stay-at-home mother who enjoys bargain hunting and spending time with her kids. She handles all of the housework – save for washing the dishes, which is why the family eats meals on paper plates. Strange? Well, that’s an understatement for one of the best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu that you can watch. 


The McCaslin family from New York State are as athletic as they come. In fact, they hold bench-pressing and powerlifting records. Sandi McCaslin, along with the rest of the family, often spend hours training at the gym. It’s not always serious, though, and they do get to bond outside of training as well. 

Donna Deekens, on the other hand, is the epitome of traditional femininity. She enjoys tea parties, proper etiquette, and is on a mission to bring ladylike practices to the women of Virginia. So, what happens when these very different moms switch places? Well, you’ll have to start Wife Swap streaming on Hulu to find out!


This Wife Swap episode marks the first time a single mother was featured on the show. Michelle Parsons describes herself as “proud white trash” who is struggling to keep her three daughters under control. The other mom, Elaine Bramhall comes from an uptight family with some very rigid household rules. 

From the get-go, the Bramhall mom sets up a boot camp for the Parsons kids. She’s taken it upon herself to help get the kids in line. The Parsons mom wants to liven up the strict household she’s found herself in. There is a happy ending for both families, so despite any earlier friction, this is still one of the funniest Wife Swap episodes to watch.


Do you believe in the supernatural? If not, this episode of the Wife Swap TV show just might change your mind. Samantha Myers is a ghost hunter who claims to have special abilities. She has a shaman son who supposedly shares the same gifts. In this episode, Myers trades places with Karen Sutton, a stay-at-home mom from Kentucky. Her husband works as a coal miner and, much to many viewers’ surprise, refers to her as “the maid.”

Both families made for great television, but the Sutton mom won people over with her charm. Nevertheless, this combination of “quirky” families was a fun watch and is one of the best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu that you can stream. 


When it comes to being healthy, it isn’t always about what people consume on the daily. However, making lifestyle changes for the better isn’t too bad either. In this Wife Swap episode, we meet the Hollands from North Carolina and the Browns from Florida. These two families will give us perspective into how two very different lifestyles can come together to make positive changes– but only if they allow it to happen.

The Hollands are your typical southerners who enjoy Demolition Derby, building things, and sharing their love for fried food. In fact, their son Curtis believes that bacon is good for him! Meanwhile, the Browns are the exact opposite– the head of the family is a former army man who is a fitness fanatic. Together with his wife Joy, they founded their own fitness boot camp business. Will these two families learn from each other? Find out by checking out this episode of Wife Swap.


One of the first things you’ll learn while Wife Swap streaming is that some of these families eventually help improve each other’s lives. This is the case with the Johnson and Blackburn families. The difference between the two is quite stark; one is a military family who manages her own fitness company. The other is disorganized and the husband suffers from a case of obesity.

If there is one thing they have in common, both mothers in this Wife Swap episode have very strong personalities. Fortunately, despite butting heads and many difficulties along the way, the episode does conclude on a fairly happy note. 


There have been many interesting families’ lives, we get to witness from the best Wife Swap episodes on Hulu. However, The Haigwoods are among the most memorable, among the Reddit Wife Swap community. Barbara Haigwood owns a survivalist farm. Her family follows a raw food diet and keeps mainstream culture away from her family as much as possible.

In this episode, she trades places with Kim Hess-Webb, whose family likes to keep up appearances. Both families, children included, had a hard time during the exchange. Mike Haigwood, at one point, even broke down in tears after eating cooked food for the first time in years. Did it end up well for them? You’ll just have to watch to find out!


Over the course of Wife Swap USA episodes, we have been introduced to many families with sheltered households. Paula Downs’ family might be right at the top of the tier, however. Everyone in the family sleeps in one bedroom, despite there being 3 available bedrooms in their home. Her children are never out of her sight, while the two eldest aren’t even allowed to be in public by themselves. 

She trades places with Roz Bailey, a North Carolina realtor. She puts career before family and is able to afford many luxuries for the entire household. However, their children wish to spend more time with her as opposed to having more material things. This episode, in particular, had many asking “is the Wife Swap scripted?” because of certain circumstances that happened during the show. 


It’s not unusual for parents to dream big when it comes to their kids. This Wife Swap episode features tough mom Jo Williams who works as a prison guard. She brings the same level of discipline to her home, but her sons remain particularly unruly. She swaps places with Abra Slater whose family is passionate about ballroom dance – to the point where they are pushing their kids to participate.

We later learn that the Slater kids aren’t particularly happy with this, especially the thought of practicing for hours every week instead of getting time out to play. This combination makes for entertaining television, but it is also a favorite for many making itone of the best Wife Swap episodes on Hulu.


Is there room for old-fashioned values and a 19th century lifestyle in today’s modern world? Well, it depends on how extreme these practices are. In this episode of Wife Swap, we get to meet the traditional Flannagins and learn more about the kind of life they lead. It is unusual, but there is nothing wrong with being different. 

On the other hand, we have the Logans. In this family, there’s no such thing as traditional male roles. The boys get to bond with their stay-at-home dad through gaming and the household is a lot more carefree in comparison with the Flannagins. How did each mom fare? Let’s just say this is one of the funniest Wife Swap episodes for season six of the program. 


How much is too much freedom, especially when it comes to kids? We see a great comparison of too strict and too carefree in this Wife Swap episode, which features the Avery-Lamb and Martin families. 

Dayna Martin is a mom who prefers lax rules when it comes to her household. In fact, she also believes that school is similar to a prison. Cindy Avery-Lamb, on the other hand, maintains a very strict household whose kids need to be monitored. It is one of the more divisive Wife Swap episodes, considering the controversial beliefs of the Martins, but definitely worth a watch. 


For many Italian families, good food is part of daily life. Marie DiBella enjoys cooking big dinners and spoiling her family with delectable food such as pasta, cake, and meatballs. The DiBellas believe that food is a celebration and worries little about counting calories and eating healthily. She also handles all of the household’s domestic duties. 

DiBella trades places with Carol LaRosh, a fitness enthusiast from California. She exercises everyday, but doesn’t eat meals with the rest of the family. LaRosh manages her children’s meals by the portion, keeping them on a semi-strict diet. With such different lifestyles, how will these families cope with the change? Watch Wife Swap to see how it ends for both.


The first episode for the fourth season of the Wife Swap TV show was definitely a memorable one. Fans of the series might remember Alicia Gustaferro as the “15-year-old- beauty queen from hell” after her mom Karen was featured on the program. At the time of its airing, the Gustaferros have spent thousands on their daughter, hoping to turn her into the perfect pageant queen.

Things take a turn after Karen trades places with Angie Boss, a feminist mom from Indiana. In the Boss household, she teaches her children to be independent and value more important things above beauty. After their Wife Swap episode aired, Alicia Gustaferro sued the producers for $100 million– claiming she was portrayed wrongly on the show. Not quite the happy ending viewers expected, right?


Stream the Best Wife Swap Episodes on Hulu Today!

These are just 20 reasons why you should check out Wife Swap on the streaming service. Not only is it entertaining TV, but you’ll also get to see how different households work. You’ll definitely learn a thing or two by the end of each episode. 

While a real-life wife swap might be frowned upon, we’re sure watching the best Wife Swaps episodes on Hulu will have the same impact. 

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