Abby Lee Miller’s Controversial Statement About High School Football Players Raises Eyebrows


Abby Lee Miller, known for her role in the reality series “Dance Moms,” has stirred up a storm of controversy with her recent comments about being attracted to high school football players. In an interview on Sofia Franklyn’s “Sofia with an F” podcast, the 57-year-old dance coach made a surprising revelation that has caught the attention of many.

Key Takeaway

Abby Lee Miller’s recent admission about her attraction to high school football players has attracted significant backlash online. Her comments, particularly the clarification that she is interested in current high school students, have led to criticism and concern about the appropriateness of her remarks given her previous role as a mentor to young dancers.

A Curious Admission

During the podcast, Abby and Sofia embarked on a discussion about actor Tom Cruise and his 1983 film “All the Right Moves,” in which Cruise plays a high school football star. This conversation prompted Abby to disclose that high school football players have always been a weakness of hers. However, what raised even more eyebrows was Abby’s clarification that she was not referring to former high school students, but rather athletes who are currently enrolled in high school.

A Backlash Online

Unsurprisingly, Abby’s comments have sparked outrage and criticism online. Given her previous role on “Dance Moms,” where she worked with young dancers, many find her remarks inappropriate and disturbing. Social media users have condemned her statement for its potential implications and expressed their disbelief that she felt the need to clarify her position.

With her upcoming show, “Mad House,” set to air in September, Abby’s controversial remarks may have an impact on her public image. The show follows young adult dancers as they compete against each other to secure a spot on Abby’s team.