Ohio H.S. Football Coach Resigns Following Controversial Play Call


A high school football coach in Ohio has recently stepped down after a controversy surrounding the use of an inappropriate play call during a game. The incident occurred last Friday night, when the Brooklyn Hurricanes, coached by Tim McFarland, used the word “Nazi” as a play call against Beachwood High School.

Key Takeaway

A high school football coach in Ohio resigns after using the word “Nazi” as a play call during a game against Beachwood High School.

The inappropriate language used by the Brooklyn team during the first half of the game has caused outrage, especially in Beachwood, a predominantly Jewish community within the Cleveland suburbs. The superintendent of Beachwood Schools, Robert Hardis, revealed that at halftime, Beachwood H.S. threatened to remove their players from the game if Brooklyn continued to use the offensive play call.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Brooklyn’s coach, Tim McFarland, acknowledged the use of the word and immediately apologized. He also agreed to change the play call during the second half of the game. However, even though the word was no longer used, Beachwood officials claimed that racial slurs were still freely uttered by Brooklyn players throughout the rest of the game.

In response to the incident, Tim McFarland, who had been the head coach for Brooklyn High School for the past two years, chose to step down on Monday. The superintendent of Brooklyn Schools, Ted Caleris, expressed remorse on behalf of McFarland and the team, issuing a statement that conveyed deep regret and sincere apologies to the communities of Beachwood and Brooklyn.

“The Brooklyn City Schools completely align with this sentiment of regret and apology. We do not tolerate any form of hurtful and harmful speech, and as leaders, we are committed to taking a firm stance against it,” stated Superintendent Ted Caleris.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether any disciplinary action will be taken against the players involved in the incident. The aftermath of this controversy will undoubtedly prompt discussions within the school and wider community about the importance of respect and sensitivity in sports and beyond.