What is the Wolf Cut Hair? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Trend and 35 Ideas You Can Copy!

Miley Cyrus Wolf Cut Hair

Wolf cut hair has been seen on celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Debby Ryan. It is one of the hottest hairstyle trends on social media for this year, but do you dare give it a try? Before you head to the salon or do a DIY chop at home, it’s best to look at all the style options you have. From long wolf cut hair to short and cute, read on for more haircut ideas!


What is the Wolf Cut?

TikTok is well-known for producing some of the biggest style trends such as the Soft Girl Aesthetic. The wolf cut hairstyle is certainly no exception. What is it exactly? This haircut is a marriage between the mullet and the shag. It can be as wild as you want it or it can also look quite sophisticated depending on how you style it. Its versatility is part of what makes it popular among teens and even millennials alike. After all, who doesn’t love a genderless hair cut that flatters just about everybody?  If you want a bold, new look then this might be the upgrade you’re looking for.


35 Wolf Cut Hair Inspiration


1.    High-Fashion Wolf Cut Hair

Sora Choi Wolf Cut
Photo from @sola5532 on Instagram

We’ve established the versatility of the Wolf Cut hair. In this example, featuring model Sora Choi, the hairstyle takes on a sleeker and more sophisticated look. This is also great for people who want to try out the cut but have to keep a more polished style during workdays.


2.    Choppy Wolf Cut

Laura Ribeiro Wolf Cut Hair
Photo from @lauraribeiro.x on Instagram

If you have shorter hair and want to spice it up a bit, this style from Laura Ribeiro should be a great choice. It’s more of a subtle wolf cut hairstyle, but you can still see the choppy layers and mullet cut. You can also style this straight instead of wavy!


3.    Silver-Dyed Wolf Cut Hair Style

Silver-Dyed Wolf Cut Hair
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

This haircut is more of your standard wolf cut, but the unique color makes it even more eye-catching. If you’re not afraid of standing out and want an edgier style to complement your looks, this silvery-white color is a must-try.


4.    Miley Cyrus Wolf Cut Hair

Miley Cyrus Shag Wolf Cut
Photo from @mileycyrus on Instagram

As one of the purveyors of the wolf cut, Miley Cyrus and her retro shag can’t be missed. It’s Joan Jett with blonde hair, with a dash of Debbie Harry thrown in. If you want a low-maintenance shaggy hair cut with bangs that can easily go from day to night, show this photo to your stylist.


5.    Two-Toned Pastel Wolf Cut Hair

Two-Toned Pastel Wolf Cut Hairstyle
Photo from @shunsuke_nagahata on Instagram

If you can’t decide between two colors, why not have both? Not only is this hairstyle really on-trend, especially for the Pastel Goth aesthetic, it also highlights the different layers that comprise the wolf cut hair. We suggest looking for a skilled colorist to achieve this look. Doing it yourself, unless you’re a pro, may make for a fun post on social media, but the results won’t be as great.


6.    Pixie-Length Wolf Cut

Pixie Length Wolf Cut Hair
Photo from on Instagram

Can you still do a wolf cut even with short hair? Yes, you can. The trickiest thing about getting a short haircut is making sure it suits your face shape. For this, always consult your stylist before doing anything. They should be able to give you advice on the right length that will flatter your features best.


7.    Long Wolf Cut Hair with Choppy Fringe

Long Wolf Cut Hair with Choppy Bangs
Photo from @casey.of.modhairsalon on Instagram

If you have fine hair and want to improve volume, give this wolf cut a try. The choppy layers add to your hair texture and give it more body as well. Wear it curled or smoothed out, it will still look super trendy. We think the choppy fringe completes this overall look.


8.    Mullet Wolf Cut for Men

Stray Kids Felix Mullet Wolf Cut
Photo from @realstraykids on Instagram

For men, to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the 80s, try this modern mullet instead. The wolf cut hair comes in many varieties and this one, just like the mullet, is sleek in the front and longer in the back. This is great for those with thick hair but will fit people of different hair types as well. It’s also a very popular look in South Korea for both men and women.


9.    “Sherbet Shag” Wolf Cut Hair

Sherbet Shag Wolf Cut
Photo from @bohobrushed on Instagram

Aptly named “Sherbet Shag” by the stylist, this is a fun and colorful take on the edgy wolf cut. If you’re not afraid of color we suggest giving this a try. Since neon might feel daunting for first-timers, you can always opt for something less saturated in color.


10. Two-Layer Wolf Cut Hair with Curtain Bangs

Japanese Layered Wolf Cut with Straight Bangs
Photo from @shunsuke_nagahata on Instagram

Most wolf cut hairstyles tend to have subtle layers that blend together quite seamlessly. This next one takes the cake for visual appeal. It is also great for people who are into a more editorial style. While keeping it sleek and black seems to be the way to go, adding some color or highlight shouldn’t look too bad either.


11. Long Wolf Cut Hair for Men

Long Wolf Cut Hair for Men
Photo from @shunsuke_nagahata on Instagram

This shag mullet is perfect for fashionable guys who want a haircut to match. It gives off a carefree vibe but can be styled to fit any outfit. We like the face-framing curtain fringe and the blue streaks that were added to it as well. The effect is subtle, but it adds more attitude to the overall look.


12. Billie Eilish Wolf Cut

Billie Eilish Wolf Cut
Photo from @billieeilish on Instagram

The wolf cut hair sported by Billie Eilish is equal parts feminine and edgy. Her blonde hair and waves soften up the look, but the “messy” styling gives it personality. For people with thick hair, this is another great option to try. You don’t need to do much aside from keeping your natural hair texture and teasing out any knots with a round brush.


13. Short Wolf Cut with Silver Streaks and Money Piece

Short Wolf Cut with Money Piece
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

A “money piece” is a bright frame of color located along the front hairline. Stylists say this helps with lifting up the complexion and also suits the wolf cut hair quite nicely. Aside from breaking up dark colors, such as black, it also flatters the face shape if paired with a face-framing fringe.


14. Big and Wavy Wolf Cut

Big and Wavy Wolf Cut
Photo from @lindsayshair on Instagram

Can you do a wolf cut with a wavy hair texture? Of course. In this example, the wolf cut helps take some weight off and gives the look a lighter appearance. If you’re looking for a long wolf cut hairstyle, this also fits the bit. Especially if your natural hair has texture and you want to make the most of it.


15. Hime Style Wolf Cut Hair

Hime Style Wolf Cut Hair
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

The Hime cut is characterized by straight, cheek-length sidelocks and front curtain bangs. Mixed with the wolf cut, it gives this typical bob Korean short hair a more defined look. Make sure that your stylist considers your face shape as it would determine how long or short the sidelocks would be.


16. Beachy Wolf Cut Hair

Beachy Wolf Cut
Photo from @cutmybangs on Instagram

Can you get a wolf cut even with curly hair? Of course. In this example, we’re shown how wolf cut hair can elevate even a simple hairstyle. We think loose curls are best suited for this look but don’t be afraid to try it out if you have smaller or tighter ringlets. If you want smoother looking curls, try hair plopping!


17. Blue-Toned Long Wolf Cut

Blue-Toned Long Wolf Cut
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

Getting a wolf cut for long hair might seem a bit bland for some, but you can jazz it up by getting a unique hair color. This deep blue tone isn’t just flattering for most skin tones, it also adds a bit more life to this feminine and longer version of the haircut.


18. Soft and Wispy Wolf Cut Hair Cut

Soft and Wispy Wolf Cut
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

Here’s another example of a softer and cleaner version of the wolf cut hair. Unlike what you’ve seen on social media, this haircut doesn’t always look punk rock or messy. It can be styled in a sophisticated way and can be made more romantic with just a few simple touches. We love this blue-toned silver hair color as well!


19. Mullet Wolf Cut for Thin Hair

Mullet Wolf Cut for Thin Hair
Photo from @nkudohair on Instagram

If you have thin hair, fret not, you can still get a wolf cut. In fact, doing so will add volume and style to your hair. You can go long, but we’re loving the look on this wolf cut for short hair. The choppy fringe and long, mullet-like back really add to the appeal as well. While it may not fit most face shapes, try this one if you think it’ll flatter your features best.


20. Soft and Wavy Wolf Cut for Boys

Soft and Wavy Wolf Cut for Boys
Photo from @nkudohair on Instagram

Curly-haired men shouldn’t be discouraged, either. You can easily rock a wolf haircut as well, just check out this example. The wispy, face-framing curls in front balance out the choppiness of the back. It could be easily styled to fit both professional and casual settings as well.


21. Feminine and Romantic Wolf Cut

Romantic Style Wolf Cut
Photo from @777aiyuki on Instagram

For many long-haired women, the usual options are the standard u cut hair or the v shape hair cut. While universally flattering, you can take things up a notch by incorporating the wolf cut hair into the style. In this example, we’re shown how it can be softened and given a more feminine touch. The wavy ends are also a lovely look.


22. Neon Pink Short Wolf Cut

Neon Pink Wolf Cut
Photo from @777aiyuki on Instagram

Hair color can make or break any hair style. This wolf cut might be on the simpler side, but the neon pink makes a bold statement. The long front bangs is also a cute look, but we think a shorter and choppier version would work just as well.


23. Wavy Wolf Cut with Purple Streaks

Wavy Wolf Cut with Purple Streaks
Photo from @jeanclaudeelmoughayar on Instagram

For wavy haircuts, you can break the monotony of your hair texture by adding streaks of color. In this case, the deep purple is subtle but still creates a visual moment. The wolf cut here isn’t as obvious, but it would work for women who want to keep their hair length before really committing to the style.


24. Sixties-Inspired Retro Wolf Cut

Sixties Inspired Retro Wolf Cut
Photo from @toniandguyau on Instagram

This style is if Farah Fawcett got wolf cut hair. This modern mullet style is both chic and edgy, which makes it very versatile. You can also do away with the curtain bangs, but we think it really adds to the overall look. If you aren’t a fan of blonde hair, this style might make you reconsider.


25. Debby Ryan Wolf Cut

Debby Ryan Wolf Cut
Photo from @debbyryan on Instagram

If you’re ready to commit to the look, do it like actress Debby Ryan. While she kept her length slightly longer, it’s easy to see how much hair she chopped off to achieve her wolf hair cut. As this is more of a shag cut rather than a mullet, the choppiness and the waves create a beachy feel to an otherwise harsh hairstyle.


26. Split-Color Long Wolf Cut Hair

Split-Color Long Wolf Cut
Photo from @badapplehair on Instagram

Having a Harley Quinn moment? If you feel daring enough, this split-color wolf cut hair might be the thing you need. It’s a look that requires quite a lot of commitment, but the result is stunning if done right. This rose-pink and brown color give off a romantic vibe, but you can also opt for something bolder like black and silver.


27. Wolf Cut for Boys with a Heavy Fringe

TXT Beomgyu Wolf Cut
Photo from @txt_bighit on Instagram

From Hollywood stars to K-pop idols, the wolf cut hair has everyone jumping onto the trend. In this example, we have TXT’s Beomgyu sporting a longer version of the style, paired with a heavy fringe. It’s an easy and androgynous look that can be styled to fit any face shape.


28. Face-Framing Wolf Cut

Face-Framing Wolf Cut
Photo from @nielsbijlsma on Instagram

If you don’t like straight bangs, then a longer face-framing curtain fringe would do the trick. You can also couple this with a long wolf cut to create a simple yet flattering look. We’re also loving the ginger hue shown here, though always consult with your stylist before committing to any type of hair color.


29. Seventies-Inspired Shag Wolf Cut

70s Inspired Shag Wolf Cut
Photo from @smacstudio on Instagram

The seventies was a great era for hairstyles so it’s no surprise that many are making a comeback. In fact, many of today’s trending haircut ideas have taken inspiration from it. For this retro and feminine take on the wolf cut hair, the highlight would be the face-framing curls.


30. Bob-Length Choppy Mullet Wolf Cut

Bob-Length Choppy Mullet Wolf Cut
Photo from @smacstudio on Instagram

Here’s another seventies-inspired wolf cut haircut. For this modern take on Joan Jett’s famous crop, the choppiness right at the crown of the head gives it a really edgy look. However, the slick back and streaks of red throughout add just enough touch of modernity to this shaggy mullet to keep it from appearing too dated.


31. Wolf Cut with Soft Waves

Wolf Cut with Soft Waves
Photo from @wellahairuki on Instagram

At first glance, this hairstyle may not look like a wolf cut but it is. Thanks to the soft curls and subtle layers throughout, the haircut is elevated and gives a “Parisian” feel. You can take cues from this look by wearing your curtain fringe wavy instead of pin-straight hair. It’s a look that’ll fit any hair type and any face shape.


32. Ultra Long Wolf Cut with Subtle Layers

Ultra-Long Wolf Cut with Subtle Layers
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

The wolf cut or wolfcut is one of the biggest hair trends in South Korea right now and we’ve seen many different takes on it. This hairstyle is best for women who prefer longer hair but want to take some bulk of. The wispy and thin ends create a romantic look while maintaining the edginess that the wolf cut hairstyle is known for.


33. Long Wolf Cut with Money Piece

Long Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

Here’s another example of a long wolf cut hairstyle from South Korea. It combines the choppy layers of a shag haircut with the sharp and wispy wolfcut. The highlight, for us, would have to be the straight bangs with the money piece hair color since it creates a nice ombre effect.


34. Short Apple Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Apple Style Short Wolf Cut
Photo from @sisun.beom on Instagram

The apple cut is often seen as old-fashioned, but it can be modernized through the wolf haircut. In this short hair look, it is given more shape and body through the addition of layers. The long sidelocks paired with the curtain fringe also keep it from looking outdated. Want more short hairstyles? Here are ten ways to give yourself a more stylish look.


35. Standard Long Wolf Cut with Money Piece

Itzy Ryujin's Long Wolf Cut Hair
Photo from on Instagram

We’ve established how the money piece can elevate a simple look. In this case, it gave the standard long wolf cut hair more visual appeal. After all, the style can become a bit bland when kept at a longer length. If you’re not keen on blonde hair, go for something deeper or even neon!


The Wolf Cut is Versatile and Would Suit Different Styles

You can go edgy, feminine, and even retro when choosing your preferred cut. Why not start out with something simple that keeps most of your hair’s length? This is a great way to gauge if you’re ready for a more experimental look. A basic wolf cut with really eye-catching hair color can instantly boost your overall appearance as well. Who needs an entirely new wardrobe when you can simply change your hairstyle, right? It’s time to try something different, so take your pick among the options above!

Want to try a DIY haircut? Here’s an easy guide on how to cut your own hair.