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How to Style Short Hair in 10 Easy Ways

How to Style Short Hair

Learning how to style short hair can be such a life-saver. Whether it is for a date with that special someone or a night out with friends, short hair can help you feel confident. The power of a great hairstyle can make you look and feel even more beautiful.

Having short hair is exciting until you find yourself sporting that same, old cut for months. Worry not! There are lots of other ways to style short hair, aside from ironing it straight or curling it overnight.

Whether you’re thinking about finally getting that big chop or just wondering how to style short hair, this guide will help you learn all the hair tips and styles you can use.


Perks of Having Short Hair

Perks of Having Short Hair
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Who said women with long hair get all the fun? Having short hair could also be exciting and at the same time, manageable. With some texturing or mere brushing, short hair styles could go from blah to whoa.

Aside from looking chic, here are other advantages that short hair could offer:


Low Maintenance

Whether you’re a busy gal or just lazy when it comes to styling, having a low maintenance cut can be beneficial. So much time is allotted to daily beauty regimes that we tend to skip them or run late when we don’t. With short hair, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling. Washing and drying your hair will also take even less effort. Not to mention, short haircuts can help you get rid of annoying split ends.



Various hair products are used to take care of our manes. While they are effective in maintaining the health of our hair, they are also usually very expensive. When you have long hair, there is a need to use a greater amount of hair products. The costs for products could make you spend more money or have you skip using them altogether. When this happens, the health and vigor of your hair can be jeopardized.

Therefore, aside from saving time, you can also save money with short hair. Less product will be needed, thus saving more cash. Constantly cutting your hair short can also keep it healthier and bouncier, making it a more practical hairstyle to sport.


Fresh and Breezy

If you are living in a hot or humid place, long hair could be very bothersome. Long hair could also get in the way of your daily errands. If you are tired of these inconveniences, then short hairstyles may be more suitable for you.

Short hair can help you feel fresh. Even without hair ties or clips, short hair is breezy and very manageable. With a short haircut, you will tend to feel less haggard and avoid having frizz.


Youthful and Healthy

Short hair looks bouncier and more voluminous compared to long hair. This is because cutting your hair short can also help cut a few years from your age. When you are sporting a long hairstyle, your face tends to look more vertical and aged. This is due to the loss of volume that comes with a lengthier cut. A short hairstyle is thus a great way to look and feel more youthful.



Short Hairstyles for Women

Having short hair should not hold you back from styling it. A plethora of chic hairstyles can be done to change your look from time to time. Teasing, curling, braiding, and more can make your haircut more exciting and stylish.


Spice things up and try these 10 short hairstyles to get that perfect new look.

 1. Wet Slick Back

A wet slick back is one of the best easy hairstyles for short hair. This style can make you look extra classy and fashionable. American actress January Jones pulls off this look perfectly as she goes for a regal take on the slicked back hairstyle. 

To get this look, you should first start with blow-drying your hair. Make sure to target the hair strands on the sides and back of your head. Keep the blow-dryer close to your roots and slick them in the direction you want them to go. Then, you can start adding volume. 

Volumize your roots by teasing them a bit with a brush. Next, slather hair oil or a deep-nourishing hair mask. While applying the product, be sure to slick your hair back to achieve the look better.


 2. Shagged Curly Hair

Don’t we just love shaggy hairstyles? They can instantly make you look charming and ready to attend any event. One of our favorite celebrities with shagged curly hair is, of course, Argentine model Mica Arganaraz. In this Instagram post, we can see how her shaggy hairstyle adds more personality to her overall look. Indeed, the curly shag hairdo is a great way to learn how to style short curly hair. 

By adding extra layers to your curly hair, a shagged look can be achieved. Just embrace your curls and try to decrease frizz by drying them. You can use a blow-dryer to let them sit better. You can also just let your curls air-dry. Aside from these steps, make sure to also keep your hair healthy by using a hair conditioner every now and then. Detangling your curls will greatly help in making them dry and set better.


3. Texturized Pixie Cut

Another great way on how to style short hair is by having a textured pixie cut. This is one of the best hairstyles for older women and younger women, alike. Here, we see American actress Rowan Blanchard braving a big chop from her usual long hairstyle. She also teased and texturized her pixie cut, giving her hairstyle more character.

To achieve this chic hairdo, all you need to do is use a little hair wax. Simply work the wax onto your hair and tease the ends to create that added texture. If you do not have a hair wax product, you can also use a bit of hair gel or a molding paste to do the trick.


4. Texturized Bob Cut

Having the same, old bob hairstyle can grow boring. One of the cute short hairstyles you can go for is a texturized bob cut. This is a great way to add texture and volume to your short hair.

In this Instagram post, model Cara Delevingne is looking chic in her bob cut hairstyle. Delevingne flaunts her hairdo with evident texture, giving her hair more flair to suit her adventurous personality.

To do the trick, you could use a texturizing hot iron. This will help in making the process of rumpling your hair easier and quicker. After heating, let your hair cool down for a few minutes. Then, use a texture finishing spray to set your hair.


5. Sleek Chignon Bun

A sleek chignon is another chic option on how to style short hair, especially for those who love having a tidy hairstyle. In this Instagram picture, Selena Gomez looks fresh and elegant in her sleek chignon bun. The American singer’s hairstyle instantly made her look even more refined. Indeed, whether you need to attend a meeting or simply have to run some errands, this hairdo is a great way to dress up your hair.

This hairstyle is best for people with straight, sleek hair. However, those with curly hair can still pull this off by using a hot iron to straighten their locks. Then, simply use hair oil or hair serum to smooth down your mane. Once straight and sleek, gather your hair into a low ponytail. Make a bun and secure the ends with hair clips or bobby pins. And voila, a low-maintenance yet sophisticated hairstyle is ready.


6. Breezy Bob Cut

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A timeless hairstyle anyone can wear is a bob cut. It is one of the cute short haircuts you can try to switch up your look. Actress Reese Witherspoon takes the bob cut a step further by going for a breezy take on it. In her photo, we can see that a straight and blunt bob cut is an effortless yet fashionable way to flaunt your short hair.

To achieve the look, smoothen your hair with a hair serum or oil. Then, start blow-drying while using a hairbrush to add volume. The key is to not worry over wanting to have that perfectly straight hair. You will want to eventually sweep the ends to give it that breezy look. To do this, comb your hair in alternate directions. Pick out sections to brush towards your face, and leave out some to brush away from your face. Doing this will help you achieve a more natural, effortless look.


7. Short Hair Pixie Cut

This is one of the best short haircuts for women over 50. A short hair pixie cut gives a sense of ease and also adds style to your everyday look. No stranger to this haircut, Jamie Lee Curtis always looks very chic in her usual short hair pixie cut. The hairstyle makes the American actress look even more fresh and youthful.

Even if pixie cuts are popular among older women, they are also a great option for younger ladies who want to try out a more playful hairstyle. Aside from having a pixie cut, you can also add more texture to your hairstyle by teasing the ends a bit. This will help make you look even younger and stylish.


8. Short Beachy Waves

Among the cute hairstyles for short hair is short beachy waves. Ashley Tisdale demonstrates how charming beachy waves are as she flaunts her locks in this Instagram post. The High School Musical alum even tucked a portion of her hair behind one ear, giving it a fresher look. While it looks stylish, this hairstyle is also easy to recreate.

To get the look, make sure first that your hair is totally dry. Then, divide your hair into segments. You can do this by using hair clips, hair ties, or pretty much anything that will help you section out your hair. Next, use a hot iron to curl out the ends of your hair. If you do not have a curling iron, you may opt for curlers instead. When done, set your curls with hairspray.

Learning how to style short hair with short beachy waves can spice up your everyday look. You can wear this style on your next beach trip or even on any formal event.


9. Old Hollywood Style

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You can never go wrong with going for a classic Hollywood hairstyle. In her Instagram post, Sophie Turner sported this old Hollywood hairstyle that instantly made her look regal. Paired with smoky eyes, the Game of Thrones actress made her overall look even more elegant. With the right tools, this is definitely one of the easy hairstyles you can try out with your short hair.

To achieve this retro Hollywood hairstyle, start with curling your hair. Then, pin or clip the ends of the curls. This will help achieve the voluminous curls and help them set. Next, remove each hair clip or pin carefully. Relax the curls gradually by combing through them one by one.

If you want a classier feel, you may tuck a section of your hair behind one ear. With this, you will definitely get that Marilyn Monroe look.


10. Sleek Bob Cut with Fringe

This is one of the most timeless short haircuts for women. Adding bangs to your usual haircut will give you a whole new look. English actress Maisie Williams pulls off this style with ease. She did a more stylish take on this hairstyle by making it sleek and lustrous.

Achieving this hairstyle is a no-brainer. All you need to do is apply a smoothing hair balm while your hair is damp. This will help your hair look more sleek and straight. To smoothen it out more, blow-dry your hair evenly. While doing so, use a flat comb or hairbrush.  Keep in mind that the look does not require too much volume. Eventually, finish setting your hair using a hair oil product or hair shine. You can also sweep out the ends of your hair to give it a more stylish look.


How to Care for Short Hair

“Short hair, don’t care” is not always a great motto to live by. Just like long hair, short hair also needs to be maintained well. Taking care of your hair is just as important as styling it.

Here are some tips in keeping your short hair healthy:


1. Be Careful When Combing Hair

Combing Short Hair
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One of the golden rules for hair care is to avoid combing it too much or too harshly. Compared to long hair, short hair does not require too much brushing. To detangle the ends of your hair, you can just comb through them with your fingers. This will help you avoid having split ends. 


2. Trim Your Hair Occasionally

Trim Short Hair Occasionally
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A great way to maintain your short hair is to trim it from time to time. This is a great way on how to style short hair effortlessly. Trimming will help maintain the shape of your hair. Cutting out the ends will also help you get rid of split ends.


3. Keep Your Hair Clean

Keep Short Hair Clean
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Compared to long hair, short hair need to be washed more regularly. This is due to how it can get oily faster. Of course, this will vary from person to person. The general rule is to just ensure that your hair is clean and your scalp is healthy.


Final Thoughts

Learning how to style short hair is a great way to mix up your everyday look. You can reinvent your style by trying out various haircuts and hairdos. However, it is important to remember that styling is not enough. More than keeping your hair beautiful, you also have to ensure that it’s healthy. With beautiful and healthy-looking hair, you will also feel more youthful and confident.