35 Elegant and Sophisticated Fall Hair Color Ideas

woman with dark brown hair lying on a bed of autumn leaves

Fall is finally here – and everyone’s buzzing with excitement! ‘Tis the season for plaid skirts, thigh-high boots, fluffy coats, and of course, seasonal fall hair color ideas. Like the trendy wolf-cut hair that was all the rage last season, ladies, let’s find out which autumn/fall hair colors to try as we prepare our tresses for the upcoming fall. Continue reading to discover 35 of the best shades you can wear and show off on your Instagram feed

1. Strawberry Blonde

This is one of the best hair fall color ideas for short hairs. Match the warmth of the fall foliage with cute hair colors like the coveted strawberry blonde. Mixed with red undertones, this peachy blonde hair color is one of the best hair colors for fall if you have warm-toned skin and light-colored eyes. It’s flattering on cool and neutral skin tones, too! Those with straight blonde hair can also opt for this color if they do not wish to make too drastic of a change. 

Possible Hairstyles: Short bob cut; medium-length waves 

2. Burgundy Color

Burgundy is a combination of deep purple and brown that reminds us of one of the best activities in fall: wine tasting. This color is richly reminiscent of a bold glass of rouge that you’d enjoy at vineyard visits during the first couple of weeks of fall. And just like wine, Burgundy can be both elegant and casual, perfect for all occasions. One thing’s for sure though, burgundy is one of the original fall hair color trends that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; wavy bob cut 

3. Apple Cider Hair Color

Another drink-inspired hair color to try this fall is this apple cider shade! This color is characterized by a warm copper shade that’s reminiscent of the sweet and crisp fermented apple juice. Anyone can pull off classic fall hair color ideas like this. To sustain this shade through the fall, apply toner. One of the best toners for orange hair is Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow Toner. A small pump goes a long way.

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; medium-length wavy hair

4. Burnt Orange

From autumn leaves to pumpkin-flavored everything, there is no doubt that orange is the color of fall. Embrace the warmth of the season by donning the autumn palette on your hair. Burnt orange, which is a medium, rust-like orange tone, is a great fall hair color to consider. Darker shades are perfect for dark skin tones, and lighter shades are great for fair skin. Even though burnt orange demands more attention than low-maintenance hair colors, you can maintain its vibrance by using special hair products like Biolage shampoo

Possible Hairstyles: Long straight hair; long wavy hair

5. Dark Brown

Speaking of low-maintenance tresses, don’t forget to add dark brown to your list of fall hairstyles and color ideas. This hair color will help you achieve Ariana Grande’s prized soft girl aesthetic. There are different shades of dark brown fall hair colors though, so it’s best to consider your skin’s undertone when making your decision. In general, rich-colored browns like chestnut and dark chocolate are best for those with warm undertones. Meanwhile, warm-toned browns like golden brown and caramel are best for cool skin tones. Have neutral undertones? Then you can rock most brown fall hair color ideas with no problem! 

Possible Hairstyles: Wispy curtain bangs; long wavy hair 

6. Color Block

Another good way to style dark hair this fall is by doing a color block. Popularly known on the internet as the “e-girl hair streaks” by the Gen Z natives, color-blocking hair is a styling technique that you can achieve by coloring a smaller section of hair (typically at the front) with a hue that contrasts the rest of your tresses. Bleached color block bangs against a dark brown-colored mane are all the rage, but you can also experiment with classic fall colors to achieve this alternative fashion aesthetic. 

Possible Hairstyles: Bob cut with blunt bangs; messy ponytail with curtain bangs 

7. Money Piece

Are dark fall hair color ideas not your cup of tea? Try doing a fine money piece on your hair instead of going with a bold and commanding color block. Similar to e-girl color blocking, this technique entails bleaching the front sections of your hair to accentuate your face with a “face frame” – as showcased by Beyonce in the picture above. No need to deepen the rest of your tresses because the money piece works for all hair types and skin tones.

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; braided

8. Ash Gray

Stand out this fall with this Halloween-ready hair color. As its name implies, ash gray hair is dyed with a color that resembles gray-colored ash. The resulting shade is often dark and smoky, so you have to bleach your hair to the lightest blonde to achieve this look. All in all, this cool-toned shade is one of the best fall hair ideas for ladies with cool-toned skins and short hair cuts.

Possible Hairstyles: Short pixie cut; bob cut 

9. Copper Red

We simply can’t get enough copper tones for fall. And if your ideal hair color ideas for fall lean towards shades that are bold and bright, try dyeing your hair with this opulent copper red hair color a la Guy Tang. Vibrant, sultry, and a tad warmer than most red amber colors, this red shade is undoubtedly among the best red fall hair colors this year. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long bob cut; copper curly hair

10. Chocolate Brown

On the other hand, if you like your hair au naturel, going for a dark chocolate brown hair color is the way to go. This shade is especially marvelous on dark and sun-kissed skin tones that you may already have from the summer. Meanwhile, the light chocolate brown hair color is the most flattering on any warm-toned skin. Take it up a notch by donning your chocolate hair with highlights, or add some red in and get that chic chocolate cherry fall hair color. These are a few of the best fall hair color ideas for brunettes

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; chocolate lob cut

11. Medium Blonde

Who said blonde isn’t a good autumn hair color? With the right adjustments, this classic hair shade could brighten your look in an instant! For fall, the goal is to achieve warm fall blonde hair that’s radiant without being too overpowering. Ask for lowlights if you have light hair colors like blonde to subtly bring down the shade’s vibrance. The medium blonde goes well with light academia aesthetics, so pull out your flowy dresses, cozy sweaters, and plaid pants and get that warm yet poetic look this fall.

Possible Hairstyles: Shag; blunt cut 

12. Pink Highlights on Black Hair

Not one to shy away from bold statement looks? Then add these striking pink highlights on black hair so you can take your statement piece anywhere this fall, especially at your Halloween parties. The bright, rose-colored fall highlights will surely bring life to your dark tresses. Not the most conventional of all fall hair color ideas, but it’s a fun one to try if you’re drawn to such pretty hair colors

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair, long bob cut

13. Brown and Pink Hair

For yet another one of the pink fall hair color ideas to consider this year, we have brown and pink hair. Because the contrast is not as striking as the previous pink-on-black combination, this brown and pink color mash-up can achieve a more balanced look of bold yet soft. This color combo is ideal for brunettes who want to dress up their chocolate-colored tresses. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair, straight medium-length hair 

14. Caramel Mocha

Also known as cold brew, the caramel mocha hair color is a classy yet low-maintenance look that you can copy. It’s a dark brown base with warm, caramel-colored highlights that help define waves and add dimension to your hair. For fair complexion, this highlight also helps to illuminate your skin For a more natural and seamless look, request for color melting before adding those caramel curly highlights. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; medium-length wavy hair

15. Blonde Pink Hair

The rose gold trend has come and gone, but there’s no denying that this color combo is still dear to our hearts. There’s something about the combination of golden yellow and baby pink that just screams fun, sweet, and playful. Compared to strawberry blonde, though, blonde pink is a lot rosier in color. All things considered, it’s definitely one to consider if you’re looking for feminine fall hair color ideas

Possible Hairstyles: Long bob cut; long wavy hair

16. Brown Roots, Blonde Hair

Natural brunettes who want to try lighter fall hair color ideas may want to look at the root smudge hair technique. What makes this hair color unique is the color transition from dark roots to light blonde tips, creating a beautiful natural gradient which is best seen on long wavy hairs. The best part? It won’t require frequent touch-ups or maintenance, so you can stick with this hair color through fall and beyond. This hair color is ideal for both brunettes and blondes. You won’t have a problem maintaining this color once your natural roots start to grow out. 

Possible Hairstyles: Medium-length waves; long bob cut

17. Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

Copper highlights on brown hair are another good option for fall hair color ideas. This reddish bronze color has a brassy tone that brings a touch of warmth to deep brown hair, the perfect contrast to the chilly autumn season. It’s customizable yet versatile all in one and woven in perfectly to add dimension to your dark brown tresses. Give it a try if you want to don autumn colors on your hair without fully committing to the high-maintenance red hair color. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; long bob cut 

18. Brown Hair With Lowlights

Thinking of adding some lowlights on dark hair? Do it! If you have brunette hair, we totally suggest getting those lowlights in – provided that your hair color is on the lighter side of the brown hair color spectrum. In this case, brunette lowlights like black and an even darker brown shade would be able to give your tresses more depth. Pair it with dark academia outfits like pleated coats, cozy sweaters, and collared shirts to get that idyllic autumnal look. 

Possible Hairstyles: Medium-length waves; straight bob cut

19. Dark Hair With Purple Highlights

Here’s one of the more unique fall hair color ideas for you: dark hair with purple highlights! Because purple hair highlights are, in essence, a mixture of red and blue dye, this tone suits most skin undertones! With permanent light purple hair dye, you too can achieve dark hair with purple highlights. If you’re up to it, purple hair could even be your gateway into the edgy goth aesthetic that you can do for your Halloween costume parties.

Possible Hairstyles: Wavy blunt cut; wavy medium-length hair

20. Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Most fall hair color ideas try to achieve warmth, but there’s no harm done in swinging towards a totally different direction this season! Instead of infusing naturally blonde hair color with warm copper or amber tones, why not go for a cool-toned medium ash blonde hair? It imparts a cold and icy vibe – one of the best hair colors that suit both dark and light academia fashions. And you can also keep this hair color through autumn into winter too. 

Possible Hairstyles: Straight medium-length hair; wavy blunt cut 

21. Platinum Blonde With Lowlights

Speaking of cold and icy, there are way more cool-toned fall hair color ideas for blondes to explore. Take this platinum blonde hair with lowlights for example. It’s a coveted silver-blonde shade that’s achieved by stripping away the hair’s natural color rather than by layering colors over. So if you ever find that medium ash blonde is a little bit too tame for your liking, take it further (and bolder!) with this platinum blonde hair color. 

Possible Hairstyles: Blunt cut; long bob cut

22. Caramel Brown Ombre

We’re calling it – ombre hair will never go out of style. The gradual transition from dark roots to lighter tips is just so classy and timeless, especially if you’re going for natural-looking hair colors like brown. Though this caramel brown ombre hair color may look deceptively simple, one cannot deny that it is also a great way to hit the reset button on your otherwise dark-colored hair without too much change. Starting off from the root with a darker shade of brown to tips that are light and almost golden or amber-like, this ombre look locks has a subtle face-framing effect and brightens up your face 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; medium-length shag 

23. Copper and Blonde Hair

Experiment with more reddish fall hair colors like copper and blonde hair. Although this combination is quite unusual, don’t let that stop you from trying it out. Compared to plain red hair, copper with blonde highlights is brighter and more defined thanks to the pops of golden blonde color here and there. Anyone who wants to achieve a lively look should have light copper blonde hair on their list of fall hair color ideas

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; wavy bob cut 

24. Streaked Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Going for a multi-tonal hair color is a quick fix for limp and lifeless hair. Like having straight brown hair with blonde highlights, adorning your locks with a layer of contrasting color adds definition and dimension to an otherwise monochromatic base. So if you have hair that is naturally brown, boost its appearance with some blonde highlight streaks. 

Possible Hairstyles: Lob cut; long wavy hair

25. Highlighted Blonde Hair

Be the ray of sunshine this fall by donning highlighted blonde hair! Blonde hair with brown highlights is a definite failproof combination, though you can also add some copper or ash highlights if you’re already working with golden locks. This technique of adding lighter streaks just brings more brightness and texture to the tresses – perfect for styling hair with waves or curls. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy lob cut; wavy long hair 

26. Brown Blonde Hair Color

Can’t decide between going blonde or brunette this autumn season? Consider asking for the brown blonde hair color to capture the perfect in-between shade. The addition of the brown shade makes light brown blonde hair a touch more muted than the classic golden hair color we’re all accustomed to. If you have long hair, curl it for that chic city girl look. 

Possible Hairstyles: Wavy lob cut; long wavy hair 

27. Brown Lowlights on Blonde Hair

Who wants plain blonde hair when you can add dark lowlights to your golden locks? This technique is a tried and tested way of adding depth and dimension to your hair, so say goodbye to boring hair with fall hair color ideas like this! Brown highlights on blonde hair are a timeless color combination. 

Possible Hairstyles: Wavy blunt cut; long wavy hair 

28. Black Hair With Red Streaks

Want more black hair ideas? Go the unconventional route this season by sporting black hair with red streaks. Trade in the usual blonde highlights for this fun pop of red color if you’re not afraid of standing out from the crowd. Bold and festive, this is among the best fall hair color ideas to show off this spooky season! 

Possible Hairstyles: Long straight bob cut; long wavy hair

29. Champagne Blonde Hair With Lowlights

Looking for more trending hair color ideas? Go for champagne blonde. In case you don’t already know, this is a slightly warmer shade of blonde because it’s mixed with an ever-so-subtle shade of pink. It gives off a vibe that is fun, bubbly, but opulent. If you are any of this, show it off with this fall hair color! Though blonde goes well with fair-toned skin, an additional layer of lowlights will suit any warm-toned girl. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; wavy blunt cut 

30. Brown Purple Ombre Hair

This is the kind of ombre for women who aren’t afraid of experimenting with their looks. Rather than sticking to basic neutral colors for all of your locks, keep the root part of your tresses natural and allow them to slowly fade into a royal purple color as you approach the tip. This extra pop of color will help you achieve the rocker chick hair aesthetic this fall.

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; long straight hair 

31. Chestnut Balayage (Fall Balayage)

Another one of the must-have fall hair color ideas this year is the fall balayage. In line with the season’s palette, we recommend this warm balayage that’s made by combining lighter and darker shades of warm brown. This low-maintenance balayage is the right move for natural brunettes who want to play around with lighter shades. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; wavy lob cut

32. Pumpkin Spice Hair

Not a fan of crazy hair colors? Pumpkin spice hair may sound out-of-this-world, but it’s actually one of the best fall hair color ideas. Its flattering shade means anyone can pull it off this fall. Think of a warm, reddish-brown color reminiscent of the cozy and sweet autumn Starbucks drink – that’s what pumpkin spice is. The redder the shade is, the more it highlights your fair complexion. Meanwhile, a more amber-like pumpkin spice hair color is better suited for darker complexions. Tie your Halloween fit together with the help of this hair color. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long wavy hair; wavy bob cut

33. Brown Soft Locs

If you have afro-textured hair, switch up your look with brown soft locks. No worries if you don’t think that your hair is long enough because soft locks are pre-crocheted and made with faux hair that you simply wrap around your natural tresses. And if you really want to jump on new hair color trends, good news because soft locks also come in different shades for you to try and have fun with! 

Possible Hairstyles: Messy loc buns; bubble ponytails 

34. Lavender/Lilac Ombre Hair

Another ombre color to check out is this lavender/lilac shade. Though this shade of purple is soft, bleaching can help to bring out its ashy color if you are looking for a striking fairy-like appearance. For any fair to warm-toned complexions, give this ombre lilac color a shot and you can dress up as a fairy or a pixie when you go trick or treating! 

Possible Hairstyles: Wavy blunt cut; wavy long hair 

35. Mahogany Dark Auburn Hair Color

And the last on this list, we have another shade of fall, mahogany. Such solid fall hair colors are everywhere! Dabble into deeply rich shades like this mahogany dark auburn hair color and unleash your inner witch in time for the Halloween festivities. Anyone with a dark complexion would be perfectly complemented by this deep reddish brown shade. 

Possible Hairstyles: Long straight hair; medium-length waves 

Discover the Perfect Fall Hair Color for You

Whether you’re trying to achieve a fun bombshell look with a fall blonde balayage or you want a deep and sultry ginger look, don’t forget to have fun exploring different fall hair color ideas. Depending on the type of aesthetic you’re trying to emulate, you’ll definitely find your perfect shade from this extensive list of fall hair color trends.