Trendiest Female Mullet Styles

The female mullet has become a bold and rebellious trend this year. It is a nonconformist style that is practical and can be seen on people of all ages, from schoolchildren to celebrities walking the red carpet. Even stars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus rock the girl mullet. Therefore, it is clear that this trend is here to stay. If you’re thinking of trying out the female mullet, here are some styling tips to keep in mind.

1. Cropped Female Mullet

The cropped female mullet’s upper part is styled like a pixie, while the back is left longer. This creates a cool and modern mullet look. To achieve the perfect look, simply put on a leave-in conditioner and then comb through it. This will help to keep your hair moisturized and give it a sleek, polished look. Whether you’re going for a bold and rebellious style like the female mullet or something a little more understated, these tips can help you get the look you want.


2. Punk Female Mullet

One reason people enjoy the mullet style is that it can be customized to suit their personal preferences. It allows for creative experimentation with the final look. One option is to add a fade to the sides of the hair, which gives the style structure and adds a touch of edge. There are various fades to choose from, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. Overall, the fade can add a cool and edgy element to the mullet.


3. Beach Mullet Style

Sophie Thatcher appears amazing donning this messy blonde style. You may recreate this look for yourself as well. Start by applying a detangler to your hair while it is still damp, and then comb it through to remove any tangles. Next, use a salt spray to boost the texture and mid-hold of your hair. Wave your hair in different directions using a styler, making sure to point the plates downward to avoid losing any length. Finally, apply a texturizer and use your fingers to break up the waves to finalize the look.


4. Wet Mullet Look

Kesha’s wet mullet style is yet another hairdo that is sure to turn heads. To recreate this look, start by removing moisture from the tresses. Then, apply a generous quantity of gel to the top part of your hair and distribute the remaining into the trimmings. Use your diffuser to dry your hair while you dress it into place. You can finish off the style with some glossing spray to exaggerate the wet look. With these steps, you can create a sleek and stylish mullet look that is perfect for any occasion.


5. Curly Female Mullet Style

The mullet haircut is distinctive because it features short hair on the top and sides and longer hair on the back. Although it was once considered a questionable style, it has evolved significantly since the 1980s and can now be worn in various ways. People with any type of hair texture, including curly hair, can sport the mullet. When paired with curls, the mullet has a softer, more gradual appearance and avoids the choppy, layered look.


6. Extended Mullet

To create a female mullet-like hairdo that looks like a shag cut, you can apply the salt spray to your locks and scrunch your hair with your hands to create more texture while it dries. You can also use a hair styling tool to create undone waves that look like the beach inspires them, and then use your fingers to break up the waves for a more relaxed appearance.


7. Permed Female Mullet

If you want to change your hair structure and add some waves or curls, a perm might be the perfect option. Perms are known for giving hair volume and fullness, and the latest techniques are gentler, resulting in bouncy, lively curls. A perm can also add a playful, attention-grabbing touch to a mullet hairstyle.