Peyton Manning Joins Morgan Wallen For Tour Announcement In Hilarious Sketch


Former NFL superstar Peyton Manning surprised fans by teaming up with country music sensation Morgan Wallen to announce his highly anticipated “One Night At A Time 2024” tour. Manning, known for his on-field success and quick wit, took on a whole new persona for the occasion, sporting a fake mullet and showing off his singing chops.

Key Takeaway

Morgan Wallen enlisted the help of Peyton Manning to announce his “One Night At A Time 2024” tour. The former NFL star donned a fake mullet and showcased his singing abilities in a humorous video. Eli Manning also made an appearance, following Wallen’s instructions for a straightforward announcement. The unique and entertaining approach to the tour announcement has created a buzz among fans.

A Fun Twist to Tour Announcement

Instead of the standard social media post, Wallen decided to add some excitement to the tour announcement. He enlisted the help of Manning and his brother Eli to create a short sketch. In the sketch, Peyton donned a wig and hat, singing Wallen’s hit song “Last Night” before receiving a FaceTime call from the country star himself.

During the conversation, Wallen made it clear that he wanted a straightforward statement from Manning, without his usual dry humor and bad jokes. However, Manning couldn’t resist making one last joke, teasing Wallen about his shaved head appearance. The banter between the two friends added an element of lightheartedness to the announcement.

Enter Eli Manning

Seizing the opportunity to have some fun, Wallen suggested that Eli take over the announcement, following Wallen’s instructions to keep it simple. The younger Manning brother gladly stepped in and delivered a video that perfectly fit Wallen’s requirements.

As for the tour itself, Wallen expressed his excitement, stating, “It has been one of the best years for me and my music, so we’re gonna run it back. Same tour name, staying true to this album, and many more cities to visit.” The announcement has undoubtedly generated significant buzz amongst Wallen’s fanbase.