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Where to Get College Essay Help? Take Your Pick!

It’s nice to have a choice. The choice of whether to go to college or start working, the choice of school to submit your application to, the choice of topic for the personal essay, and the choice of major. That’s what makes you free.


However, once you are in, it seems all freedom is gone. You have classes to attend, fees to pay, GPA to maintain, scholarships to earn, and essays to write. Ah, the essays. It’s some kind of never-ending writing treadmill. Sooner or later, you may find your resources and enthusiasm depleting and need help writing an essay for tomorrow. Yet here is the good news, once you admit and accept the thought, “I need help with my essay,” the choice is once again available. There are many places you can go to find assistance and advice. This post is a short overview of your options.


Customized Essay Writing Help: Paper Services

If the situation is desperate and you need a quick fix, like in the “essay for tomorrow” case mentioned above, your best call is an online essay help website that writes full-length customized samples.


One of the best in this category is PaperHelp. This service works with expert paper writers in the majority of existing academic fields, so they will be able to find a competent writer for any assignment. Among other advantages that an organized service offers as opposed to commissioning your essay to a random freelancer are guarantees. First, the assurance that your essay will be delivered before the deadline – that’s a biggie. As we’ve already established, you are in a hurry. Secondly, a money-back guarantee. Again, significant for a student budget.


Apart from just plugging a hole in your schedule, working with writing services benefits you in many ways:

  • Students learn academic style, formatting, and disciplined citation practices from professional academics.
  • Users get a customized sample tailored to their needs with all the specific requirements (academic level, lengths, optics used for the analysis, slant on the topic, mandatory sources, simple/educated English, etc.)
  • They don’t risk anything because anonymity and complete originality of the essays are guaranteed. Established services value their reputation, closely control the product quality, and have all the security protocols in place for your safety.
  • You benefit in the long run thanks to the customer loyalty programs and personalized offers. Services are ready to bend over backward to make you come back again and again.


Free Essay Help: Libraries and Tools

Okay, unless you are on a full-ride scholarship, being in college is not cheap, so spending a buck on writing help might not be an option. Where can you get free or cheap essay help? There is one place that has the answers to all your questions. is a gift for anyone who needs assistance. This free library of essay samples contains nearly 100,000 papers ranging from admission essays to dissertation chapters. They are all searchable by keywords, topics, tags, paper types, lengths, etc. This is the ideal solution if you need an example for a particularly tricky format, some ideas to fight off writer’s block, or sources of information on a topic close to yours.


WowEssays also writes customized samples for an affordable price. Moreover, you get a discount as a new customer, so it’s worth a try.


Tip: you can request a particular author to write your sample if you like their approach and style. In the library, next to every piece, there is an author’s profile with a unique ID number. They will assign this writer to you if you submit the number when placing the order.


Another feature of this website is its free essay writer tools collection, where you can find anything for any situation. Need something to fuel the brainstorming session? – Head to the topics generator. Having trouble with structure? – Use the free essay editor. Lost track of your sources? – Citation generator! Have a completed first draft that you need to proofread? – Welcome to grammar checker and spellchecker. Need some advice on improving your style? – The readability checker will help you. Not sure if you’ve attributed all the citations? – Run your text through a plagiarism checker. Whatever your problem is, WowEssays has a tool for that.


Official Essay Help Online: University Writing Centers

This is your first call if you have questions about your writing assignment. Every university has a writing center where they should be able to supply you with ample information on required formatting, preferred citation style, standard layout of the title page, structure, and generally best writing practices in academia. If you don’t have time to reach your college’s writing office, there are always open online sources from other schools, for example, The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).


Everything on the Purdue OWL is free and open to anyone, including detailed commentary on popular style guides (APA, MLA, Chicago) with excellent citation examples, research instructions, grammar explanations, tips on avoiding plagiarism, and advice for ESL students. There are also entertaining videos explaining the intricacies of grammar and rhetoric with memorable goofy examples.


Personalized Help with College Essay Writing: Tutors

If all of the above fails, you might need the personalized help of a tutor. This is the most expensive but often the most effective way to combat the particular writing challenges you might face. The benefits of this approach include:


  • Personalized learning experience.
  • One-on-one interaction and full attention of the tutor.
  • Flexible goals: for example, improving grammar, building confidence, enhancing academic performance, etc.
  • Regular collaboration with a tutor can improve your study habits and create a more positive attitude toward college and learning.


Some downsides, however, include high costs, a rigid schedule (tutors have many pupils, so rescheduling a lesson might not be that easy), and the necessity to commute. However, the last is less of a problem if you prefer online classes.


As you can see, students today are spoiled for choices. You can always find essay help that suits your learning goals, particular challenges, study pace, lifestyle, and budget. Consider all your options and choose the one that fits you best. Good luck!