How to Write a Business Essay

student using laptop and writing notes

Writing essays can be a nightmare for so many students. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Writing assignments are a big part of the modern educational system, regardless of what discipline you study. Essays can show students’ analytical and research skills, logic, ability to concentrate and express thoughts, build arguments and offer solutions.

Overall, all of the skills one learns when writing papers can also be applied in business. This is why essay writing is a valuable skill to master when you are a business student. After all, college is the right place to build up the foundation for your future achievements. So, don’t fall into despair the next time you get an assignment to write. Use the following tips to nail your essay on the first try.

Choose a Topic

First of all, think of the topic of your writing. This part is crucial in having a perfect paper. If you choose the wrong topic, you may struggle for the rest of your work. Quite often, students have a hard time writing due to poor topic choices. If a student picks something too narrow, they will have a difficult time finding relevant sources. If the topic is too broad, staying on point becomes torture. A topic should be just right to keep things interesting and focused.

Start brainstorming a variety of different and exciting topics. To choose well, start with the theme you know and understand the most. Next, seek the most relevant, engaging, or argued topics. Find a place where you can add something new to the discussion. Lastly, make sure there is enough data and peer-reviewed articles available on the preferred topic before you make the final choice. Remember, you will spend a lot of time working on that essay and reading about the chosen topic. So you, too, should find this topic interesting enough to explore.

Make a Plan

A good businessman knows the power of a good plan, so should you. Don’t start writing your essay right away. It’s not the type of work you can finish in a day. Some papers may require a few weeks of work. That’s also the reason why your professors inform you about the deadline way ahead of time. This waiting period should be enough for you to come up with a working plan.

An essay plan should include a schedule, a deadline, and different work sections. For example, plan how many hours you want/can dedicate to this project. Next, break down the various types of work within the timeframe you set for yourself. Set the number of hours you can spend researching, drafting, writing, and editing. Each of these stages is important, as they require your undivided attention.

Having a plan will help you organize your work process and stay efficient till the end. It is just like in business. Perhaps, you can even think about how you should delegate some of the tasks to a third party. For instance, asking professionals to help you with your paper can be smart when you don’t have the right skills yet. Don’t forget to read up on writing service reviews like before you engage one. That’s one secret tip of successful business owners today.

Write an Outline

Now, not outlining properly is yet another mistake students make on a regular basis. They think that outlines take too much time, so it is more efficient to start writing right away. Wrong! In reality, an outline can save students time and energy. Writing becomes much more productive and effortless once you follow a well-planned outline. Sure, writing will take some of your time. But, as all businessmen should know already, you need to invest first to gain profits later.

Thus, having an outline is your investment into a well-structured, easy-to-read paper. Map out all your main arguments, collected data, a thesis statement, and questions you want to include in your essay. All these ideas can create a mess in your mind and on your paper unless you put the pieces together before writing. An outline will help you see clearly how your future paper will look like, where you may need extra research done, or what arguments don’t fit into the common theme of the text.

Overall, think of it as a business plan. You get to discuss what you want, how you want, where, and why. This paper-long plan creates a perfect vision of your future work.

Revise Before Submission

Last but not least, you should always give your essay at least one final read before submitting them. Revising and proofreading a paper is important for creating a polished, ‘done’ look for the text. It shows that you care enough to clear up all the uncertainties and minor errors. It is also your final chance to correct formatting and structural mistakes if there are any.

Perhaps, consider creating a focus group. Find a few people who can take a look at your essay and give you unbiased opinions. The ability to hear and work with feedback is a great skill to master before you start your own business. Overall, a fresh pair of eyes will be the best help you can get from your reviewers, since writers become blind to repeated mistakes or overused word choices. A different set of reviewers can easily fix this problem. However, don’t forget to add this stage into your working plan, as it should take a few extra days.