Are Online Essay Writers Legit?

Nowadays, students partake in most college activities while tending to social engagements, family obligations, and work endeavors. This flurry of activities leaves them with less time to work on their assignments and study. Furthermore, universities and colleges have become highly stringent institutions.


From admission all the way to graduation, students must constantly battle with an endless string of hectic schedules, assignment deadlines, and maintain good grades. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they increasingly turn to online writing services. These students seek such services to ease their workload.


But the question is, how do you go about finding an authentic and legit writing service? Today, many academic writing services claim to be the best. New essay writing services crop up all the time. Some are great and reliable, while others are not.


Unfortunately, they all employ marketing gimmicks that entice students to hire them for cheap and quality papers. Such ploys make it harder to identify legit and trustworthy ones. However, this situation does not mean that you should lose hope in finding professional, reliable, and legitimate writing help. Many online essay writers and companies provide high-quality, custom work that is 100% legal and secure.


But many students are often skeptical about entrusting online writers with their essays and assignments. Most of them are concerned that they are doing something wrong. In this article, we’re going to answer an important question that comes up whenever students look for essay writers for hire. We’ll also debunk the myths surrounding custom academic writing and determine whether it’s safe to hire someone to get academic writing help once and for all.


Are Essay Writers Legit?

This question is probably the most asked by students, and for a good reason. Students have loads of homework and assignments and need additional help desperately. But they are apprehensive about the reliability and authenticity of these online writing services.


The simple answer to this question is yes. Online essay writers from a professional writing service are legit, and you can rely on them for academic assistance. Students have been buying essays for years. There’s nothing terrible or illegal in them as long as they write papers from scratch and offer multiple guarantees, such as money-back, revision, and confidentiality policies.


Professional essay writers assist students with essays, whether for college, internships, or any other academic writing task. These professionals are like personal tutors who can help you improve your writing skills and fetch excellent grades. However, sites that sell old papers or deliver plagiarized work are illegal and dangerous to students. Avoid them like the plague.


It will help if you look for online essay writers that serve you with nothing less than the best and don’t compromise on quality. But how can you identify the best essay writing services with top-of-the-mark writers? Here is an example of a legit and trustworthy writing service.



CustomWritings is a well-established professional paper-writing service. It has been in business for years- to be precise, since 2005. Registered as WriteraLimited in Limassol, Cyprus, its products include academic papers of varying complexity, other personalized services, and research materials for assistance.


The company ensures that you get fully customized papers that match your needs. Whether short, long, urgent, or one that requires additional research or PowerPoint slides – they complete any assignment according to your instructions. With the company’s multiple guarantees, you don’t need to worry about personal information, payments, or the originality of your papers.


They have zero tolerance for plagiarism, give a 100% money-back guarantee, ensure confidentiality, offer free revisions, and provide 24/7 support. The service has a rigorous hiring process that ensures customers only connect to qualified writing specialists. Their writers specialize in various areas and cover over 75 disciplines for high school, college, and university. This is a custom writing service where you can hire essay writers with professional skills. It is a legit service that gives you the ultimate sense of control over your studies.


Criteria for Choosing a Legit Essay Writer

Students can find a qualified, experienced, and legit essay writer in dependable and quality-focused academic writing services. Such service providers have a dedicated team of experts with years of academic writing experience. Some of these essay writers are full-time employees, while others live in different countries and work as freelancers.


Professional essay writing companies only hire writers with solid knowledge of academic subjects, advanced English language skills, and vast experience writing papers for schools and academia. Candidates also take subject-specific expertise and English proficiency tests and write sample papers. Furthermore, they undergo a trial period and extensive mentorship program to ensure they meet the standards. So, the best way to get a legit essay writer is through established and time-tested writing companies.


But what do you look for to select a reliable and legit essay writing service? The best essay writer has the following characteristics.


Service quality

This aspect is the most important when looking for an essay writer. You must check and confirm that they provide quality writing assistance before you opt to pay for their services. You can ask for some writing samples or check online reviews and testimonials. A reliable and legit essay writer must ensure that all customers are satisfied with their services. They must have a money-back guarantee to ensure customers get refunds if they are unsatisfied with their papers.



The most accomplished professionals demonstrate a sense of responsibility. They welcome the opportunity to take command of a writing task and see it through to completion. You can easily determine the professionalism of a service provider right from the very first time you place your order and communicate with the writer or customer support.


User-friendly service

Consider services with an easy-to-use order process and 24/7 customer support to meet your needs without any hassle or delay. Go for essay writers that treat you with empathy and go the extra mile to satisfy your needs. And it will pay off.


Turnaround time

A big part of any essay writing is delivering assignments when due and before the deadline. So, you must look for essay writers that provide quality papers and complete them within the agreed timeline. The truth is, no one likes to miss deadlines, and the urgency of an order shouldn’t compromise the quality of the essay.


Online reviews

Online customer reviews are often a true reflection of a company. For instance, if a writing service provider claims to offer the best research papers and essays, you look them up online. Check the services they have provided in the past and look for the comments or reviews left by the customers. Customer reviews will give you an idea if they’re what they claim to be.


Privacy and confidentiality

The trust of customers must mean everything to a legit writing service. Such providers must do everything to protect your personal data. Whether you order a custom essay or get assignment help, your email, credit card number, and other personal information must stay safe and confidential. Reliable writing services will have a 100% confidentiality guarantee to safeguard your privacy.


Final Word!

Students can safely and legally seek assistance from qualified expert writers to help them with their essays and any other academic writing they may need. In other words, many freelance essay writers can help you with your assignments. With hundreds of online options, you must carefully select a reliable and trustworthy service. Keep in mind factors such as professionalism, quality of service, online reviews, and confidentiality guarantee before hiring an essay writer.