Boost Your Grades with 3 Top-Notch Essay Generators

If you have been on social media lately, you have probably heard a lot about how awesome AI is for essay writing. Writing essays can be quite a challenge for students, especially those who are just starting their college years. They often overlook important details while doing research, writing, and editing, which makes the writing process more complicated than it should be. 

Since a student’s knowledge of the subject is often judged by their essay writing skills, many start looking for help from others to complete their essays and papers. However, hiring a professional writer isn’t always a practical or affordable solution because of deadlines and prices. That is where an AI essay generator comes in. 

Now students can take their essay writing to a whole new level thanks to these sophisticated generator tools. Developers are trying to keep up with the technological progress, so now essay generators are more than just text editors. Our research shows that there are a lot of useful features to write essays quickly, like grammar and plagiarism checking, brainstorming, outlining, and even source citation. 

We checked out some of the most popular tools online and found the best AI essay generators for you in 2023. Let’s look at three great websites that are making learning more fun and accessible for students of all academic levels.

3 Best AI-Powered Essay Writers of 2023

There are a lot of AI essay generators available these days, and they are useful. They aren’t just for students; professionals love them too. The cool thing about them is that they make writing easier and save you valuable time. AI essay generators can help with grammar and style, spark new ideas, structure your writing, and even add references. These tools are like your writing assistants, helping you write better, be more productive, and generate top-notch essays.

Rank Platform Description
1 PaperTyper free sophisticated AI tools for effortless and high-quality academic writing
2 Mathly AI-driven app for simplified math problems and step-by-step solutions
3 Explain Like I’m Five AI platform for a simple explanation to a complicated question


PaperTyper: Advanced AI Essay Writer

Our top choice is a well-known academic writing tool that more than 100k students use monthly. This is a website that brings together all the tools and professional assistance you need for academic and other writing tasks. 

Juli Sheller created it with the goal of helping students for free through her work as an app developer. The creator used her professional skills to make it a safe homework helper for everyone. PaperTyper takes data encryption seriously, safeguarding it both during transit and when stored, preventing any potential compromise. 

Whether you need help with research papers, argumentative essays, or creative writing, Essay Typer can help you. You can generate text easily and make it better with grammar and plagiarism checkers. There is also a citation generator to make source citations quick and easy for students. Paid writers are also available to help you if necessary. It is a safe service with free tools that deliver great results.

With Essay Typer, users get unlimited access to a tool that uses reliable academic databases to generate well-researched essays. Using this tool is as simple as typing in your topic or a few keywords to create fully customized essays effortlessly. Anyone can use the basic version of this AI essay writer for free without registration. 

Students can also create a free account on the website to access the upgraded version of this generator. This gives you access to even better essay generation, you can use it for long-form papers on complex topics! The tool has a user-friendly interface. It is clean and minimalistic while providing all the essential information at a glance! For example, if you need to write a 500-word essay on the Literature of Beat Movement for high school, just enter the details, and the tool will generate original material for you.

You can edit your essay right away, without having to switch between different tabs, which is super handy. The tool comes with a 500-word count to let you test it for free. You can later buy 10,000 words just for $5, which is an insanely low price for the advanced features you get.

Another great feature is that there is a built-in grammar checker tool. Students can detect and fix mistakes with a simple click. It gives useful tips and highlights spelling mistakes in red and punctuation mistakes in blue.

Best Features

  • Advanced AI-powered essay generation for as many papers as you need.
  • Upgraded version works with longer content on complex topics.
  • Free Knowledge Bank for improving essay writing skills.
  • Multi-purpose paper writing tools gathered in one place.
  • Safe website with secure payment methods.


  • $0 for the basic version and the upgraded version with a 500-word limit.
  • $5 for an extra 10,000 words with no time limit.

Mathly: Math Made Easy

It is a relatively new AI tool that makes math homework easier for students. Mathly doesn’t just give you answers; it also guides you on how to reach the solutions, making the process of learning math simpler and more enjoyable. It offers a unique combination of image-based problem solving and customized explanations. This AI tool also answers math questions, guaranteeing that students get thorough assistance with their assignment work.

While the website doesn’t state clearly the academic levels of math problems it can handle, the fact that it is designed to be a flexible homework help suggests it can probably handle a wide range of math problems. All you have to do is take a picture, ask the question, and get your answer. According to the website, the tool’s smart algorithm adapts to your learning style, offering a personalized way of learning. Still, the website doesn’t explain precisely how this personalization happens.

Mathly’s interface is clear and simple because the platform’s creators made user-friendliness a top priority. One standout feature of this tool is its ability to generate similar practice problems after solving your homework. These problems come with explanations, giving you an in-depth understanding of each solution from different angles. You can track your progress and reach a high level of math proficiency with this homework helper.

These innovative features make it a good tool for approaching math homework in a smarter and faster way. It seems like a perfect solution for students who want to get high grades in math, offering a reliable, error-free, and engaging experience. 

Mathly isn’t available right now, but you can request early access. Because the website doesn’t offer specific details, we can’t provide an exact list of the math problems that this tool can handle. Although this tool isn’t a universal homework helper, it could be a good solution for students or anyone who needs help with math problems. To get early access to this AI math helper, simply fill out a form on their website. You can find the direct link by clicking on the phrase ‘Request early access.’

Best Features

  • AI-powered image-based problem solving. 
  • Offers personalized explanations to learn at your own pace.
  • Generates similar problems for a better understanding of the material.
  • Provides detailed explanations for effective and efficient learning.


  • The website doesn’t clearly state whether the tool is a free tool or not.

Explain Like I’m Five: Simple Learning

This AI homework tool takes complex topics and turns them into interesting, easy-to-understand explanations. Whether you want a simple explanation of topics like space exploration or a deep dive into the history of the United Nations, ELI5’s advanced AI can cover anything. This AI tool is perfect for simplifying complex information when you need to quickly research something. It is a great tool for students, teachers, professionals, content writers, and anyone who wants to learn more about a new topic.

The website uses strong protocols like HTTPS and TLS to guarantee the security of your data. The team regularly updates and patches the tool, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. This tool uses sophisticated AI models to generate original explanations, but the website recommends using it for strictly general informational purposes.

Users are free to choose a topic and a level of simplicity that works for them, from “pretty dumb” to “pretty smart.” Users can type one word to get more information on the topic or type a few words to try and improve the explanation. This feature helps users quickly find answers without going into in-depth learning. Users can also pick from a list of popular topics and explore pre-existing explanations.

ELI5 covers a wide range of topics, making it a convenient and enjoyable way to understand different topics effortlessly. Nevertheless, keep in mind that its effectiveness may vary based on the topic’s complexity. The tool prioritizes simplicity in its explanations, which means it may not cover all the technical details. It is a great place to start, but you may need to do more research to gain a full grasp of the topic. Reviewing and fact-checking the generated content to make sure it meets your standards is always a good idea. 

Best Features

  • Customized explanations based on the user’s preferred level of understanding, from simple to advanced. 
  • Broad topic coverage from science and technology to history and more.
  • Pre-existing explanations for popular topics.
  • Advanced AI models that generate original and engaging explanations.


  • The website is free to use up to a certain max of tokens per day.
  • $0 for a 7-day trial with the “Just Curious” subscription plan and $3.99/month.
  • $0 for a 7-day trial with the “Tell Me Everything” subscription plan and $6.99/month.

Top Student Choice for AI Writing Help

When it comes to content creation and academic writing, AI essay writing tools have grown in popularity in the past few years. One of the best choices is PaperTyper, which is a go-to tool for AI academic writing. What makes this tool great is how much it simplifies the writing process. It is a great option for professionals and students who want to write interesting and well-structured essays. It is easy to use, so whether you are a newbie or an experienced writer, you will find it helpful. 

The tool also makes sure the essays it generates are original and customized to your specific needs, which means no plagiarism. This attention to detail has won the trust and loyalty of many students, proving it is one of the best AI paper writing tools out there. It is a reliable writing assistance for short-form and long-form papers on any topic, which is its biggest advantage over other AI-powered homework helpers online.


AI-powered tools have brought a revolution to the world of essay writing. We reviewed top generator tools, each with its own set of unique features and advantages. However, PaperTyper stands out among these tools as the most effective, universal AI essay generator. 

It is a game-changer for professionals and students who need help with academic writing. This essay typer tool is affordable, easy to use, and has received multiple positive reviews. The tool is constantly improving and keeps offering the best AI paper writing solution, so it is definitely worth your attention. Try this tool for free the next time you are having trouble writing an essay!


Is AI paper writer secure?

Yes, AI paper writers are designed with security in mind, using advanced encryption and safety measures to protect your data and ensure a secure writing experience. All reliable AI writing platforms prioritize data security. 

They use strong privacy and confidentiality protocols to keep your personal data and the content you generate safe. It is important to choose a trustworthy platform, but the good news is that AI paper writers are always getting better at keeping their tools secure. So, you can use these tools with confidence, knowing your privacy is a top priority for the developers.

How can AI generator help me?

There are many benefits to using an AI generator. It makes writing easier, saving you time and giving you ideas when you have writer`s block. It is useful for professionals, content creators, and students alike because it can generate content on a wide range of topics. 

Plus, it helps you write structured content with a nice flow and proper formatting. Its output is a useful starting point for organizing your ideas and conducting additional research. In the end, it is a useful tool that makes writing easier, more creative, and more efficient. 

Will AI generator write me an essay?

 You can definitely get an essay written for you by using an AI essay generator. These tools are built to make learning and writing easier and quicker. You type in your topic and any additional instructions, and they will generate a well-written essay using smart algorithms and reliable information from online databases. 

It is handy for students with tight deadlines, pros who need content help, or anyone who wants to speed up the writing process. AI generators are a great way to work on your homework, just make sure you review and edit the content to make it accurate and original.