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Meghan Markle Updates: What do we Know About her Royal Baby?

Meghan Markle Updates | What Do We Know About Her Royal Baby?

The royal wedding of Markle and Harry was a big deal in the year 2018. The wedding was attended by a lot of popular and wealthy people from around the world. Such as actors, sports legends like David Beckham,  business magnates, and politicians. It was held on the 19th of May 2018 at St George’s chapter in Windsor castle in the united kingdom. 

After the royal wedding, there arose many questions by fans and well-wishers around the world. Questions about the baby of the royal couple. When is Meghan Markle’s baby due? Where will Meghan Markle’s baby be delivered? And many other questions. Fans of the Prince also wanted to know about Prince Harry’s baby.

We will discuss answers to some of these questions. There are a number of things that people do not know about Meghan Markle’s royal baby, but for you reading this that’s about to change.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby on the way

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby on the way
Image by Metro.co.uk

The royal family is a popular family, and a lot of people, including fans and well-wishers like to know whether the royal couple is expecting a baby. This is going to be their first child, so eyes and ears of well-wishers are wide open to get detailed information on the couple’s first baby. Meghan Markle is a TV celebrity, and she has a lot of fans around the world that would like to know whether a baby is on the way.

On October 15, 2018, In a way of keeping the general public informed, Kensington palace made it known to the public that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first child.

And following this announcement, the palace noted that the royal couple were “very pleased” to let the world, including fans and well-wishers, know that a baby is on the way.

The couple were first seen in public at Admiralty House in Sydney, Australia during their first official trip.

During the 2018, Sydney Invictus games, a spectator was heard calling out to the duke of Sussex, mentioning that they wish that Meghan Markle’s baby would be a girl, and the Prince’s response was” so do I”.

When was Meghan Markle’s Baby Due?

After the announcement of the coming baby, the next question on the mind of the general public was when the baby is expected to be born. There was such a huge rave for answers after the announcement. Quite understandable. Though not a question any more.

When Meghan Markle visited Birkenhead, Merseyside in January 2019, she made it known to her fans and well-wishers that she is six months pregnant and that she is expecting to give birth to her baby near the end of April or at the early part of May. After this statement, a lot of fans were very delighted that Meghan Markle’s Baby would be coming in the early part of the year. The royal baby would be the first child of the couple and we can also refer to the baby as Sussex baby since the parents are the duke and duchess of Sussex. 

The Duchess’ Baby Shower

The Duchess’ Baby Shower
Image from Express.co.uk

Being a celebrity, Meghan Markle’s baby shower was well celebrated and attended by well-known people. In February 2019, the Duchess of Sussex held her baby shower at the Mark hotel in New York City.

The royal baby shower was co-hosted by two of her close friends, Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, a human rights lawyer.  Some other important personalities like Abigail Spencer, Meghan’s former suits Co-star, Jessica Mulroney, a stylist, the television personality, Gayle King were also in attendance. The baby shower was all fun and entertaining. It did not contain much of royal presence, but more of celebrity style. This baby shower was done to prepare the way for the arrival of Prince Harry’s baby and the baby deserves it.

When and Where was Meghan Markle’s Baby Born?

It was well known that Meghan was considering giving birth to the royal baby at home in Windsor. However, the delivery did not go as planned by the royal couple. 

While Meghan and Harry were making preparations to have a home delivery at Frogmore cottage in Windsor castle, the Duchess of Sussex was taken to Portland Hospital in London, where she went into labour on Sunday night. She was in labour for a few hours, and at 5:26 am on Monday the 6th of May, Meghan gave birth to the royal baby boy. It was reported that prince harry was beside her at the time she gave birth to the royal baby. It is on record that Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby was born in the early hours of Monday the 6th of May. It is also said that the duchess was more than a week overdue at the date of the delivery. She went into labour late on Sunday night, and she gave birth to Prince Harry’s baby on May 6. The baby was weighing 7lbs.

What is Harry and Meghan Markle’s Baby Name?

Harry and Meghan Markle's Baby Name
Image from Elle.com

On the 6th of May 2019, Harry and Meghan announced the birth of their baby via their Instagram page. After the announcement, there were speculations on when the announcement of the baby’s naming would be. People also wanted to know the name the couple would give to their first child.

After two days, the couple announced the name of their baby. This announcement was well received by many as they have been awaiting the announcement. On Wednesday 8th of May 2019, the royal baby’s name was made known to the world. The couple named the baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Although the name Archie has no connotations to the British royal family, the name Archie means “bold” ”  brave”  ” genuine”. Well, that sounds like a befitting name for a royal baby. Baby Archie is indeed lucky to be born into the royal family. The name Archie is known to be more popular in Britain than in the United States. The name Harrison is also a totally new name or an uncommon name in the royal family. Mountbatten-Windsor is a royal name, and it is baby Archie’s surname. It was created in 1960 by combining the surname of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip when they got married.

Baby Archie is born to a prince father and a celebrity mother and he will be the 7th in line to the great throne of England. Baby Archie will enjoy the glamour of the royal family all his life. This is the dream of many children out there, but unluckily they are not born into the British royal family.

Meghan Markle’s First Public Appearance After Baby Archie’s Birth

In June 2019, the duchess of Sussex made her first public appearance after the delivery of baby Archie, at the annual birthday parade for the queen of England. It was noticed that Meghan Markle had on a new stunning ring on her finger, a diamond Eternity band which was likely to be a present from her husband, the Duke of Sussex to either mark the arrival of their son or to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. However, this is not the first time Meghan has been seen with a Mejuri Ring. She loves jewelry and she has taste for Mejuri jewelry.

At the occasion, it seems that Meghan had redesigned her three stone engagement ring. It was made more colorful and perfect. Prince Harry wanted to give his spouse the best, that’s why he proposed to her with a Mejuri Ring.

Mejuri Rings are usually the taste of celebrities and wealthy people, so this ring means so much to the Duchess of Sussex.

Considering the royal wedding and all the glamour that comes with it. The money spent, and the guests in attendance, the marriage of Meghan and Harry has been on the minds of people around the world from the date of their engagement up till the royal wedding day. The couple were on the radar of the general public after they announced that Meghan was expecting a baby.

This is a royal couple and the newspapers, magazines and other media outlets would like to shine and make a name through their royal affairs. Fans of the popular television series wanted to keep an eye on their favorite TV star. The arrival of Meghan Markel’s baby Into the royal family as expected was well monitored by the public.

The Sussex baby brought fresh attention to  Meghan and Prince Harry. The Sussex baby update was actually a big deal in the U.K and around the globe. For fans and well-wishers of the royal couple, it was an important thing to keep abreast with the latest.

We believe you have gotten some information about the royal baby or the Sussex baby as some prefer to call him. The royal life though not for everyone it’s something most people wish for.