Meghan Markle’s Absence At ‘Suits’ Reunion And Group Chat Revelation At Globes


There was a big “Suits” reunion at the Golden Globes this past weekend, but one familiar face was noticeably absent. Meghan Markle, who rose to fame through her role in the hit TV series, was nowhere to be found during the reunion. Her absence was felt as her former cast members, including Patrick Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, and Gina Torres, came together on stage to present an award for a TV show.

Key Takeaway

Meghan Markle’s absence at the ‘Suits’ reunion and exclusion from the cast group chat has sparked speculations about her potential return to the entertainment industry and the current state of her relationship with her former colleagues.

The Reunion and Meghan’s Missing Presence

During the broadcast, Patrick Adams and Gabriel Macht initially took the stage, making light-hearted jokes about the series finally getting its due recognition. The surprise appearance of the female cast members added to the excitement of the reunion. However, Meghan Markle’s absence was keenly felt, especially considering her significant role in the show before her marriage to Prince Harry and subsequent departure from Hollywood.

A Revealing Nugget about the Current State of Things

Prior to the show, Gina Torres, in an interview with Variety, disclosed an interesting detail about the current relationship between the “Suits” cast members. She mentioned that they have a group chat, but Meghan Markle is not part of it. This revelation added to the intrigue surrounding Meghan’s current connection with her former colleagues, hinting at a potential disconnect.

Speculations and Future Endeavors

While Meghan Markle’s absence and exclusion from the cast group chat may not definitively indicate a strained relationship, it does raise questions about her current priorities. As she and Prince Harry navigate their post-Royal split journey, there is speculation about the possibility of Meghan returning to showbiz to support their independent endeavors. The absence of her presence at the reunion, which could have served as a platform for her potential comeback, has sparked curiosity about her future in the entertainment industry.

Opportunities and Fan Base

Despite her absence, Meghan Markle continues to maintain a strong fan base from her time on “Suits,” with many expressing their desire to see her return to the screen. The discussions of a potential reboot of the series have further fueled hopes of her potential comeback. The door to her return to the lawyers’ office remains open, presenting an opportunity for her to reconnect with her acting roots.