How To Watch The Dictator


Cast and Characters

The Dictator is a satirical comedy film released in 2012, written by Sacha Baron Cohen, Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer. The film features a talented cast comprising of renowned actors who bring their characters to life with hilarious performances.

Sacha Baron Cohen takes on the lead role as Admiral General Aladeen, the eccentric and oppressive dictator of the fictional North African country of Wadiya. Cohen’s portrayal of Aladeen is both over-the-top and comically absurd, embodying the merciless and ignorant nature of a stereotypical dictator.

Playing alongside Cohen is Anna Faris, who portrays Zoey, a politically active and free-spirited feminist. Faris’s character stands in sharp contrast to Aladeen’s authoritarian rule, leading to amusing clashes and unexpected encounters.

Ben Kingsley delivers a noteworthy performance as Tamir, Aladeen’s power-hungry uncle and right-hand man. Kingsley’s portrayal of Tamir adds depth to the film, as his character’s cunning and manipulation contribute to the comedic tension throughout the story.

Other notable cast members include Jason Mantzoukas as Nadal, Aladeen’s loyal and dimwitted adviser, and Bobby Lee as Mr. Lao, Aladeen’s loyal personal assistant. These supporting characters inject additional humor and comedic moments, creating a lively and entertaining dynamic within the film.

Directed by Larry Charles, best known for his work on the hit television series “Seinfeld,” The Dictator showcases the comedic talents of each cast member, resulting in an uproarious and politically-charged satire. The chemistry between the actors shines through in their portrayals, making the film a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience.

Overall, the cast of The Dictator brings their A-game to the table, delivering hilarious performances that perfectly embody the satirical nature of the film. Through their impeccable comedic timing and engaging portrayals, they contribute to the overall success of the movie, ensuring that viewers are left in stitches from start to finish.

Plot Summary

The Dictator tells the story of Admiral General Aladeen, the ruthless and eccentric dictator of the fictional North African country of Wadiya. Aladeen lives a life of luxury and indulgence, ruling over his people with an iron fist, and maintaining a regime based on oppression and fear.

However, Aladeen’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is captured during a visit to New York City. Stripped of his iconic beard, he becomes unrecognizable and is left to fend for himself on the streets of the city he once despised.

In his quest to reclaim his power, Aladeen teams up with a liberal, politically-active feminist named Zoey. Despite their initial clashes, they develop an unlikely bond as Aladeen begins to question his own oppressive beliefs and reevaluate his approach to governing Wadiya.

Throughout the film, Aladeen finds himself in a series of outrageous and comedic situations, from attempting to prevent Wadiya from transitioning to democracy to secretly plotting to regain his position as the dictator.

As the story progresses, Aladeen’s journey becomes a hilarious exploration of political satire and identity. He grapples with his own ego and the realization that his totalitarian rule may not be the most effective or fair approach to governing.

Ultimately, during a crucial international summit, Aladeen must make a choice that will determine the future of his country and force him to confront the consequences of his actions. It is in this pivotal moment that Aladeen discovers the true meaning of leadership and the importance of empathy and understanding.

The Dictator combines elements of comedy, romance, and social commentary to deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking film. With its sharp wit and clever satire, the movie provides a humorous critique of oppressive regimes, exploring themes of power, identity, and the true nature of leadership.

Release and Reception

The Dictator was released on May 16, 2012, and received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. The film opened to a wide release, garnering attention for its satirical take on dictatorial regimes and political dynamics.

Despite the divided reception, The Dictator managed to be a commercial success, grossing over $179 million worldwide. The film’s box office performance was boosted by Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedic star power and the anticipation surrounding his portrayal of a larger-than-life dictator.

Critics praised Sacha Baron Cohen’s performance as Admiral General Aladeen, crediting him for fully embodying the character’s outlandish traits and delivering laugh-out-loud moments. The satirical nature of the film was acknowledged as a highlight, with many appreciating its bold and unapologetic approach to political commentary.

However, some critics felt that the humor in The Dictator often relied too heavily on shock value and crude jokes. The film’s political satire was also a subject of debate, with some critics arguing that it lacked the necessary depth to truly engage with its subject matter.

Overall, The Dictator performed reasonably well at the box office, but its critical success was less unanimous. While it found an audience who appreciated its irreverent humor and biting satire, others found the film’s approach to be shallow and reliant on shock tactics.

Despite the mixed reception, The Dictator remains a noteworthy entry in the satirical comedy genre. Its willingness to push boundaries and tackle controversial topics ensures its place in the discussion of politically-charged films, leaving audiences with a memorable and thought-provoking experience.

Where to Watch

If you’re interested in watching The Dictator, there are several options available to enjoy this satirical comedy from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

1. Streaming Platforms: The Dictator is currently available for streaming on popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. These platforms offer the convenience of instant access, allowing you to watch the film on various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply search for The Dictator in the platform’s search bar and start streaming!

2. DVD and Blu-ray: If you prefer a physical copy of the film, The Dictator can be purchased on DVD or Blu-ray from major retailers. This allows you to add it to your movie collection and watch it whenever you please. Check your local DVD store or online platforms like Amazon for availability.

3. Video-on-Demand (VOD): The Dictator is also available for rent or purchase on various video-on-demand platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. Simply visit the respective platform, search for the film, and choose your preferred viewing option. Rental periods typically range from 24 to 48 hours, allowing you to watch the film within the designated timeframe.

4. Cable or Satellite TV: Keep an eye on your cable or satellite TV provider’s schedule and listings, as The Dictator may be showcased on movie channels or available through pay-per-view options. Consult your TV guide or provider’s website for details on upcoming airings or availability.

With multiple options for streaming, purchasing, or renting, you have the flexibility to choose a convenient and accessible method to watch The Dictator according to your preference and availability.

Remember to check the availability of the film in your region, as streaming platforms, DVD releases, and TV broadcast schedules may vary depending on your location.

Additional Information

Here are some interesting tidbits and additional information about The Dictator:

1. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Method Acting: Sacha Baron Cohen is well-known for his immersive and dedicated approach to his characters. In preparation for his role as Admiral General Aladeen, he stayed in character throughout the filming process, even during interviews and promotional events, maintaining the satirical nature of the film both on and off-screen.

2. Controversial Premiere Appearance: During the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, Sacha Baron Cohen made headlines when he arrived on the red carpet dressed as Admiral General Aladeen. This stunt garnered attention and added to the buzz surrounding the film’s release.

3. Political References: The Dictator incorporates various political references and satirical jabs at real-life dictators and world leaders. The film mocks the behaviors and personas of infamous figures, offering a sharp commentary on the nature of power and authoritarian rule.

4. Deleted Scenes: Like many films, The Dictator features deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut. Some of these scenes can be found as bonus content on DVD or Blu-ray releases, providing audiences with additional moments of laughter and insight into the comedic process.

5. Inspired by Literature: The Dictator draws inspiration from George Orwell’s classic novel, “1984,” which explores themes of totalitarianism and government control. The film takes a comedic approach to these themes, providing a fresh perspective on the subject matter.

6. Soundtrack: The film features an energetic and eclectic soundtrack that complements the comedic tone. From catchy original songs to popular tracks, the music adds an extra layer of entertainment to the overall viewing experience.

7. Cultural Commentary: Underneath its satirical humor, The Dictator offers a critique of cultural stereotypes, political correctness, and societal norms. Through exaggerated characters and over-the-top scenarios, it prompts viewers to question their own preconceived notions and beliefs.

Whether you’re a fan of political satire, a follower of Sacha Baron Cohen’s work, or simply looking for a good laugh, The Dictator provides an entertaining and thought-provoking experience. Its blend of comedy, social commentary, and memorable performances make it a film that stands out in the comedy genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Dictator based on a true story?

No, The Dictator is a fictional comedy film and not based on a true story. It is a satirical take on dictatorial regimes and political dynamics.

2. What is the rating of The Dictator?

The Dictator is rated R for strong crude and sexual content, brief male nudity, language, and some violent images. Therefore, it is intended for mature audiences.

3. Can I watch The Dictator with my family?

Due to its content and humor, The Dictator is not recommended for family viewing as it contains explicit language, crude humor, and adult themes. It is best suited for mature audiences.

4. Who directed The Dictator?

The Dictator was directed by Larry Charles, who is known for his work on the hit television series “Seinfeld” and other comedy films such as “Borat” and “Bruno.”

5. Are there any sequels or spin-offs to The Dictator?

As of now, there are no official sequels or spin-offs to The Dictator. However, Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his improvisational style, so fans can always anticipate surprises and future projects from him.

6. Can I expect political commentary in The Dictator?

Yes, The Dictator is a satirical comedy that uses humor to critique and satirize political figures, dictatorial regimes, and societal norms. It offers a humorous examination of power dynamics, cultural stereotypes, and political correctness.

7. Is The Dictator available in other languages?

The Dictator is primarily in English, but may have dubbed or subtitled versions in other languages depending on the region and distribution. Check with your local streaming platforms or DVD releases for language options.

8. Is The Dictator available for digital purchase or rental?

Yes, The Dictator is available for digital purchase or rental on platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It can be streamed or downloaded for your convenience.

9. Does The Dictator have a running time?

The running time of The Dictator is approximately 83 minutes. It’s a compact and fast-paced comedy that delivers its humor in a concise manner.

10. Can I expect offensive or controversial content in The Dictator?

Yes, The Dictator pushes the boundaries of humor and contains scenes that may be considered offensive or controversial to some viewers. It uses satire and shock value to highlight social and political issues, but it may not be suitable for everyone’s taste.