How To Watch Belmont Stakes


What is the Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is an annual horse racing event that is part of the prestigious Triple Crown series. It is held at Belmont Park, a historic racetrack located in Elmont, New York. The race is considered the oldest of the three Triple Crown races, dating back to its inaugural running in 1867.

Known as the “Test of the Champion,” the Belmont Stakes is a grueling 1.5-mile race (2.4 kilometers) and is widely regarded as the ultimate test of a thoroughbred horse’s stamina. It is the final leg of the Triple Crown, which also includes the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

Winning the Triple Crown is the ultimate achievement in horse racing, and it has only been accomplished by a select few horses throughout history. In fact, since the Belmont Stakes became the final leg of the Triple Crown in 1926, only 13 horses have managed to win all three races in the same year.

The Belmont Stakes has become much more than just a horse race. It has become an integral part of American culture and tradition. The event attracts a wide range of spectators, from avid racing enthusiasts to casual sports fans looking to witness history. It is a chance to see the best thoroughbred horses in the world compete against each other and potentially witness a Triple Crown winner.

Over the years, the Belmont Stakes has produced many memorable moments and legendary performances. From Secretariat’s breathtaking 31-length victory in 1973 to American Pharoah ending a 37-year Triple Crown drought in 2015, the race has been the stage for incredible displays of equine athleticism and determination.

Beyond the race itself, the Belmont Stakes also showcases the vibrant spirit of New York. It is an opportunity for attendees to enjoy a day of excitement, fashion, and entertainment. The event features live music, food vendors, and a festive atmosphere that truly embodies the spirit of the “Big Apple.”

Whether you are a seasoned horse racing enthusiast or someone looking for an unforgettable experience, the Belmont Stakes offers a unique blend of history, competition, and entertainment that is sure to captivate spectators of all kinds.

When and where is the Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is typically held on the first or second Saturday in June each year. The specific date varies depending on the racing schedule, but it is always a highly anticipated event for horse racing enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

The race takes place at Belmont Park, a historic racetrack located in Elmont, New York, just outside of New York City. Known for its sweeping turns and long backstretch, Belmont Park is one of the most iconic racing venues in the world and has been the home of the Belmont Stakes since its inception.

Belmont Park offers a magnificent setting for the race, surrounded by lush greenery and grandstands that create an electrifying atmosphere. The track’s wide turns and long straightaways provide a true test for the horses, allowing them to showcase their speed, agility, and endurance.

Getting to Belmont Park is relatively easy, especially for those in the New York City area. The racecourse is accessible by car, train, or public transportation, making it convenient for both local and out-of-town visitors.

For those driving to the event, there are several parking lots available at Belmont Park. However, they tend to fill up quickly, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. Alternatively, taking public transportation is a popular choice. The Long Island Rail Road operates a special service to Belmont Park on race days, providing a hassle-free way to reach the racetrack.

The Belmont Stakes is not only a one-day event but rather a week-long celebration of horse racing and the Triple Crown. Leading up to the main race day, there are various events and activities scheduled, including stakes races, horse workouts, and special exhibitions. These events offer fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Belmont Stakes.

If you are planning to attend the Belmont Stakes, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as they can sell out quickly. There are various ticket options available, ranging from general admission to reserved seating areas. Whichever ticket you choose, you can expect an unforgettable experience surrounded by the tradition and history of this iconic horse racing event.

How to Watch the Belmont Stakes on Television

For those unable to attend the Belmont Stakes in person, watching the race on television is the next best option. The event is broadcasted on various networks, ensuring that fans across the country can witness the excitement unfold right from their living rooms.

The Belmont Stakes is typically televised on NBC, one of the leading broadcast networks in the United States. NBC has a long-standing partnership with the Triple Crown, and they provide comprehensive coverage of the race day festivities, including pre-race analysis, interviews, and post-race insights.

To find out the exact broadcast time for the Belmont Stakes, it is recommended to check your local listings or the official Belmont Stakes website. The race is typically scheduled for late afternoon or early evening, allowing viewers to gather with friends and family for a thrilling watch party.

In addition to the main race broadcast on NBC, there might be pre-race coverage on the NBC Sports Network, which provides in-depth analysis and commentary in the hours leading up to the race. This coverage offers valuable insights into the horses, trainers, jockeys, and overall race dynamics.

Watching the Belmont Stakes on television provides a front-row seat to the heart-pounding action and allows viewers to enjoy the race from the comfort of their own homes. It also offers the convenience of replaying key moments, studying the horses’ performances, and appreciating the nuances of the race at your own pace.

For those who prefer a more immersive viewing experience, consider hosting a Belmont Stakes viewing party. Invite fellow horse racing enthusiasts and friends to join you in cheering on their favorite horses and enjoying the electrifying atmosphere of the race. Serve traditional race day snacks and beverages to enhance the festivities.

How to Stream the Belmont Stakes Online

If you prefer to watch the Belmont Stakes online, there are several options available to live stream the race from the convenience of your computer, smartphone, or smart TV. Streaming platforms provide the flexibility to watch the race anytime and anywhere, making it a popular choice for horse racing fans.

One of the primary ways to stream the Belmont Stakes is through NBC’s official website or mobile app. NBC usually offers free live streaming of the race, allowing viewers to access the event without requiring a cable subscription. Simply visit the NBC Sports website or download the NBC Sports app, and look for the live stream section during the race day.

In addition to NBC’s official platform, various streaming services offer access to NBC and other channels for watching the Belmont Stakes. Popular options include Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and fuboTV. These services require a subscription, but they provide access to a wide range of channels, including NBC, ensuring that you don’t miss a moment of the action.

When streaming the Belmont Stakes online, it is advisable to have a stable and fast internet connection to ensure smooth playback. High-definition streaming is available on most platforms, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the race day experience.

If you prefer a more interactive experience, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube might also offer live streams of the Belmont Stakes. These platforms often feature additional behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and real-time commentary from fans and experts.

Regardless of the streaming option you choose, it’s a good idea to test the streaming service beforehand to ensure compatibility with your device and internet connection. Also, consider factors like screen size and audio quality to optimize your viewing experience.

Streaming the Belmont Stakes online provides the flexibility to watch the race on-demand and enjoy additional features that enhance your overall viewing experience. Whether you choose to stream through official channels or streaming platforms, you can still be part of the thrill and excitement of this prestigious horse racing event.

How to Watch the Belmont Stakes Internationally

The Belmont Stakes is not only a highly anticipated horse racing event in the United States but also attracts international attention from fans across the globe. If you are located outside of the United States and want to watch the Belmont Stakes, there are several options available to ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement.

One of the primary ways to watch the Belmont Stakes internationally is through online streaming platforms. As mentioned earlier, NBC’s official website or mobile app provides live streaming of the race. However, these services may be restricted to viewers within the United States due to licensing agreements.

Fortunately, there are alternative streaming options catering to international audiences. Various international streaming services and sports networks might have the rights to broadcast the Belmont Stakes in different countries. It is recommended to check with local sports broadcasters or streaming platforms in your region to find out if they offer coverage of the race.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube might also provide live streams of the Belmont Stakes that are accessible internationally. Check the official social media accounts of the Belmont Stakes, NBC Sports, or other relevant sources for updates and links to live streams.

Another option to watch the Belmont Stakes internationally is through international sports networks that specialize in horse racing coverage. These networks often broadcast major horse racing events from around the world, including the Belmont Stakes. Check with your local sports channels or cable providers to see if they offer coverage of the race.

If none of these options are available in your country, you can consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in a different country, which can make it appear as though you are accessing the internet from that location. By connecting to a server in the United States, you may be able to access the official NBC live stream or other American streaming services.

Watching the Belmont Stakes internationally may require some research and potentially a subscription to a streaming service or sports network. However, with the global popularity of horse racing and the accessibility of online streaming, you can still join millions of fans around the world in enjoying the excitement of the Belmont Stakes, no matter where you are located.

How to Bet on the Belmont Stakes

Betting on the Belmont Stakes can add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the race day experience. Whether you are a seasoned horse racing bettor or a newcomer to the world of wagering, here are some key steps to help you place your bets on the Belmont Stakes.

  1. Understand the types of bets: Familiarize yourself with the different types of bets available in horse racing. The most common bets include Win (picking the horse that finishes first), Place (picking a horse that finishes in first or second place), and Show (picking a horse to finish in first, second, or third place). Additionally, you can explore more complex bets like Exacta (picking the first two finishers in order) and Trifecta (picking the first three finishers in order).
  2. Research the horses: Study the past performances, racing records, and pedigree of the horses competing in the Belmont Stakes. Look for factors such as past performances on similar track conditions and distances, jockey and trainer statistics, and recent form to inform your betting decisions. Taking the time to analyze the horses can increase your chances of making informed bets.
  3. Consider the odds: The odds assigned to each horse reflect the likelihood of that horse winning the race. Higher odds indicate less-favored horses, while lower odds suggest favorites. Understanding the odds helps you assess the potential payouts for your bets and make more strategic decisions.
  4. Set a budget: Before placing any bets, determine the amount you are willing to spend and stick to it. Betting on horse races can be exciting but also carries a risk, so it is important to gamble responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose.
  5. Place your bets: Once you have done your research and set a budget, it’s time to place your bets. Head to the betting windows or use online platforms to submit your wagers. Ensure you provide the necessary details like the race number, horse’s program number, type of bet, and the amount you wish to wager.
  6. Enjoy the race: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the race as the horses thunder down the track. The outcome will determine whether your bets are successful or not. Regardless of the results, savor the excitement and thrill of the Belmont Stakes.

Remember, betting on the Belmont Stakes is a form of entertainment, and it is essential to maintain a responsible approach to gambling. While winning is certainly exciting, it’s important to enjoy the experience and the camaraderie of fellow racing enthusiasts.

What to Wear to the Belmont Stakes

Attending the Belmont Stakes is not only about witnessing one of the most prestigious horse races in the world but also an opportunity to showcase your personal style and fashion sense. Here are some suggestions on what to wear to the Belmont Stakes to make a stylish and appropriate statement:

  • Dress for the occasion: The Belmont Stakes is a significant sporting event with a touch of elegance. Aim for a look that is sophisticated, yet comfortable. Men can opt for a tailored suit in lightweight fabrics, paired with a dress shirt, tie, and polished dress shoes. Women can choose a chic dress or a stylish pantsuit, accessorized with statement jewelry and fashionable heels.
  • Embrace summer style: Since the Belmont Stakes is usually held in June, the attire should reflect the season. Opt for light and breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, or silk to stay comfortable in the potentially warm weather. Men can consider wearing unlined blazers or sport coats, while women can opt for sundresses or flowy skirts.
  • Accessorize wisely: Pay attention to the accessories that can complement your outfit and enhance your overall look. Men can consider wearing a classic watch, a pocket square, and a stylish hat. Women can add a statement hat, a clutch purse, and elegant sunglasses to elevate their style.
  • Bring out the colors: The Belmont Stakes provides an opportunity to experiment with vibrant colors and patterns. Men can add pops of color through their tie or pocket square, while women can embrace bold prints or vibrant hues in their dress or accessories. However, it’s important to maintain a harmonious color palette and avoid going overboard with clashing colors.
  • Focus on comfortable footwear: As you will likely spend a significant amount of time on your feet, choose footwear that is both stylish and comfortable. Men can opt for well-fitting dress shoes or loafers, while women can choose wedges, block heels, or dressy flats. Avoid overly high heels that may make it challenging to walk on the grassy areas of the racecourse.

It’s important to note that most areas at the Belmont Stakes have a dress code, so make sure to check the guidelines and restrictions before selecting your outfit. Additionally, as fashion trends may vary, feel free to put your personal touch on your attire and showcase your individual style.

Remember, aside from the fashion, the Belmont Stakes is ultimately about celebrating the thrilling sport of horse racing. So, put on your best ensemble, embrace the elegance and excitement of the event, and enjoy a day of high-stakes racing and fashion-forward festivities.

Tips for Attending the Belmont Stakes in Person

Attending the Belmont Stakes in person is an exhilarating experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. To make the most of your day at the racetrack, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Plan ahead: The Belmont Stakes draws a large crowd, so it’s crucial to plan your trip in advance. Purchase tickets early to secure your spot, and consider purchasing parking passes, if needed. Familiarize yourself with the race schedule, transportation options, and any additional events or activities happening on race day.
  2. Dress appropriately: Dress comfortably and stylishly for the occasion. Consider the weather forecast, which is typically warm in June, and choose light, breathable fabrics. Remember to wear comfortable footwear as you’ll be on your feet and walking around the racecourse for a significant part of the day.
  3. Arrive early: To fully experience the ambiance and excitement of the Belmont Stakes, plan to arrive early. Give yourself ample time to park, navigate through security checkpoints, and find a good vantage point to watch the races. Arriving early will also allow you to explore the racecourse, visit vendor booths, and participate in pre-race activities.
  4. Bring essentials: Pack necessary items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or visor for sun protection, and a poncho or umbrella in case of rain. Consider bringing cash for purchases, as some vendors may not accept credit cards. Don’t forget your ID, as it may be required for certain activities or when placing bets.
  5. Stay hydrated and nourished: The Belmont Stakes is a long day full of excitement, so be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Pack snacks or plan to enjoy the delicious food options available at the racetrack. It’s important to take breaks and refuel throughout the day to keep your energy levels up.
  6. Explore the racecourse: Take the time to explore and appreciate the beauty of Belmont Park. Visit the paddock area to see the horses up close before the races, and explore the grandstand for a panoramic view of the racecourse. Don’t miss the opportunity to take memorable photos and capture the spirit of the event.
  7. Place your bets wisely: As mentioned earlier, familiarize yourself with the different types of bets and study the horses’ past performances. Set a budget for betting and make strategic choices. Remember, betting on horses is part of the thrill, but always gamble responsibly and within your means.
  8. Engage in the festivities: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Belmont Stakes. Enjoy the live music, indulge in delicious food and beverages, and embrace the excitement of the races. Take the opportunity to meet fellow horse racing enthusiasts, share the experience, and celebrate the sporting tradition.
  9. Respect racetrack etiquette: Be mindful of others around you and follow proper racetrack etiquette. Refrain from excessive noise or disruptive behavior during the races, and always yield to emergency personnel or race officials when instructed. Stay aware of your surroundings and be considerate of others to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  10. Stay until the end: While the Belmont Stakes is the main event, stick around to watch the remaining races. You never know what exciting moments may unfold and it’s a great opportunity to witness more thrilling horse racing action.

By following these tips, you can enhance your experience at the Belmont Stakes and create lasting memories of this iconic horse racing event.

Fun Facts about the Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is filled with rich history and fascinating trivia that adds to the excitement and allure of this prestigious horse racing event. Here are some fun facts about the Belmont Stakes:

  • Oldest of the Triple Crown races: The Belmont Stakes is the oldest among the three races that make up the Triple Crown series. It was first run in 1867, making it over 150 years old.
  • The Test of the Champion: The race is often referred to as the “Test of the Champion” because of its demanding 1.5-mile (2.4-kilometer) distance. It is the longest of the Triple Crown races and challenges horses to showcase their stamina and endurance.
  • The largest Belmont Stakes field: The largest field in Belmont Stakes history occurred in 1983 when 15 horses competed in the race. This large field size adds to the excitement and unpredictability of the event.
  • Triple Crown near-misses: The Belmont Stakes is also known for being the stage where many horses narrowly miss winning the Triple Crown. Since 1978, when Affirmed last won the Triple Crown, a total of 13 horses have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes but fell short in the Belmont Stakes.
  • Secretariat’s record-breaking victory: In 1973, the legendary Secretariat captured the hearts of racing fans with an astonishing performance, winning the Belmont Stakes by an incredible 31 lengths. This victory set a new world record for the 1.5-mile distance, completing the race in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, a record that still stands today.
  • Belmont Park’s unique shape: Belmont Park’s racetrack is often referred to as the “Big Sandy” because of its sandy track surface. Its unique shape features sweeping turns and a long backstretch, providing a challenging test for horses and jockeys.
  • Spectator records: The Belmont Stakes has attracted massive crowds throughout its history. The record for the highest attendance on Belmont Stakes Day was set in 2004 when 120,139 spectators gathered to witness Smarty Jones’ Triple Crown bid.
  • Tradition of the white carnation: The Belmont Stakes is known as the “Run for the Carnations” because the winning horse is traditionally draped with a blanket of white carnations. This floral tradition adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to the post-race celebrations.
  • Honor of the turf: In addition to the dirt track, Belmont Park also features an inner turf course. On Belmont Stakes Day, a number of turf races are held, showcasing the versatility and skill of turf horses.
  • Superior fillies: The Belmont Stakes is not exclusively for male horses. Fillies (female horses) have the opportunity to compete against their male counterparts in the race. Only three fillies have won the Belmont Stakes: Ruthless in 1867, Tanya in 1905, and Rags to Riches in 2007.

These fun facts highlight the unique aspects and historical significance of the Belmont Stakes, and further add to the excitement and anticipation surrounding this prestigious horse racing event.

Famous Belmont Stakes Winners

The Belmont Stakes has produced many memorable moments and iconic champions throughout its long and storied history. Here are some of the most famous Belmont Stakes winners who have left an indelible mark on the racetrack and the sport of horse racing:

  • Secretariat (1973): Widely regarded as one of the greatest racehorses of all time, Secretariat’s triumph at the Belmont Stakes is legendary. He won the race by an astonishing 31 lengths, setting a world record time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds for the 1.5-mile distance, a record that still stands today.
  • Affirmed (1978): Affirmed’s victory in the Belmont Stakes marked the last time a Triple Crown winner was crowned before a long 37-year drought. He dueled relentlessly with rival Alydar throughout the Triple Crown series, showcasing his tenacity and determination to secure the coveted Triple Crown title.
  • Seattle Slew (1977): Seattle Slew became the tenth and only undefeated Triple Crown winner in history. His Belmont Stakes victory solidified his place among the greats as he showcased his raw talent and dominance, winning the race by four lengths.
  • American Pharoah (2015): American Pharoah ended the 37-year Triple Crown drought with his thrilling victory in the Belmont Stakes. In front of a jubilant crowd, he powered through the final stretch, crossing the finish line to become the twelfth Triple Crown winner in history.
  • Citation (1948): Citation stamped his authority on the racing world by winning the Belmont Stakes by eight lengths, setting a new stakes record in the process. He captured the Triple Crown with a remarkable 16 wins in 20 races, leaving a lasting legacy as one of the sport’s greatest champions.
  • Justify (2018): Justify stepped onto the Belmont Park track and conquered the “Test of the Champion” to become the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown. In his short but stunning career, Justify’s Belmont Stakes victory solidified his place in history, remaining undefeated in all six of his races.
  • War Admiral (1937): Known for his fierce competitiveness, War Admiral captured the Belmont Stakes in commanding fashion, winning by a record-setting 13 lengths. He displayed his speed and superiority, solidifying his place among the greats of the sport.
  • Man o’ War (1920): Man o’ War’s performance in the Belmont Stakes earned him the nickname “Big Red.” Although he did not compete in the Kentucky Derby, winning the Preakness Stakes and then dominating the Belmont Stakes showcased his remarkable talent and established him as one of the greatest thoroughbreds in racing history.

These famous Belmont Stakes winners have etched their names into racing folklore, captivating the hearts of fans and leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.