Selena Gomez | Latest Songs, Bf, Makeup Line, Health, Tours in 2020

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez | Latest Songs, Bf, Makeup Line, Health, Tours in 2020

Selena Gomez, a genuine world-renowned singer, and actress more famous for her singing prowess has mastered the art of a true entertainer and has gained recognition having mixed some potions of hard work with another of real talent to establish her explosive career. 

Born Selena Marie Gomez, the singer has made a reputable name for herself, having overcome all odds, gone against various challenges, and worked her way to the top not just music-wise but in the entertainment industry as a whole. Given all she has achieved over the years, she indeed can be referred to as more than just a singer, more like an all-round entertainer. 

She is blessed with some beautiful vocals, sheer expressionism, intense passion, and overall commendable talent. All of which has been pivotal in ensuring her steady and swift movement to her current phase. You don’t find lots of ladies out there with these excellent characteristics. 

Her journey to fame wasn’t entirely smooth, though, but can be labeled as a well-designed script well-crafted by the mastermind of all authors; fate. 

Below is everything you need to know about the singer, who has also established a laudable career in acting. 

Background and Family Life:

Selena Gomez’s age is currently 27, but she will be turning 28 later this year, as she was born on the 22nd of July, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas, the USA to her parents Ricardo Joel Gomez (father) and Amanda Dawn “Mandy” Cornett (mother). 

Ricardo, her father, was born a Mexican while her mother has some Italian background. She has two younger half-sisters in persons of Gracie Elliot Teefey, who Amanda, her mother had for her second husband and Victoria “Tori” Gomez, who was born to Ricardo, her father by his wife, Sara. 

Selena was born by Amanda at the very young age of 16, and things weren’t going smoothly for the family as financial problems were posing severe threats to them at the time.

 Her mother would struggle to make provisions available for their consumption, and Amanda once stated that she and her daughter used to take some walks to the dollar store in their locality to buy some spaghetti they would have for dinner. Selena also explained her part of the story where she said the fact that her parents were separated caused her to be frustrated. 

She added that her mother was always making sacrifices for her and ensuring that she was being well taken care of and provided for. 

As a child, Gomez had already established a very close and personal relationship with her grandparents. With their support, she was able to make appearances in several beauty pageants as she was growing up. 

Her grandparents often deputized for her parents and took good care of her as the latter had to ensure they competed for their education. It is safe to say that her grandparents groomed her and brought her up until she found her feet in the entertainment industry on her way to becoming who she is today. 

Gomez began to pick interest in creating her own story in the entertainment industry, having watched her mother prepare for and take part in stage productions. She started sorting for auditions for several roles, which brought her to meeting with Demi Lovato, who, alongside her, was selected to make appearances in the Barney & Friends series back in 2002, with Gomez offered the role of Gianna in the TV show. And that’s where it all began for the superstar. 

Selena Gomez’s height when she was younger cost her some roles in some movies where the candidate for such purposes had to be taller.

She would go on to make appearances in the subsequent episodes (accumulating to 13)of the show between the years 2002 and 2004. The show’s producers eventually released her after she was deemed getting” too old” to keep appearing in the series. Alas, that was where her journey in acting began. 

She went further by earning a short appearance in the movie Spy Kids 3-D, also appeared in Game Over in 2003, including Trial by Fire in 2005 as well as a guest appearance in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, an episode of the Disney series released in 2006.

Selena Gomez Career

Selena’s songs have helped her build a well-recognized and highly professional career in music. She isn’t just a singer but also a songwriter, an actress, and a television producer and has been on top of her game since she burst onto the limelight in 2002. 

The 27-year-old who focuses on genres such as pop, dance-pop, and electro pop also has a thing for instruments as she can play vocals and the piano. She has a bond with Hollywood and Interscope labels and hasn’t looked back since making her first appearance on the entertainment scene. 

She earlier had a band she worked with, which was known as Selena Gomez & the Scene with which she recorded and released three studio albums that went on to earn numerous laudable accolades, backed by gold certifications as well as taking a spot in the US top ten charts. 

Selena began her music career as a solo artist and worked on the Stars Dance in 2013, which eventually made its way to the US Billboard 200; it was her first number-one album to achieve this feat. The work was also made up of her very first top-ten single “Come & Get It,” which appeared on Hot 100 of the US Billboard charts. 

She bowed out of the contract she had with Hollywood Records by engineering a release of a compilation album back in the year 2014, an album that contained a couple of hits including the “The Heart Wants What It Wants” track. 

Her second studio album Revival, which was released in 2015, was a Billboard 200 chart-topper, and this wave helped her earn her highest ever first-week sales in her career. The album was received by fans and critics generally, and it went on to become her first album to go platinum. 

“Good For You,” “Same Old Love” and “Hands To Myself” are the first three tracks on the collection and to tell how much of a success the project was, all three tracks made their way to the top ten of the Hot 100 while also making it to the Mainstream Top 40 chart. 

Gomez built on these huge successes by going on to get featured on several projects, which also gained similar positive waves. Projects like the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” hit she had with Charlie Puth, the same hit track “Taki Taki” with DJ Snake, as well as a collaboration with Kygo on “It Ain’t Me.” 

2017 was a massive year for Selena as she was announced by Billboard to have sold over 7 million copies in albums and made sales of 22 million singles globally. As if that wasn’t enough, in the same year, she has also crowned the Billboard Woman of the Year. 

Selena was also the most followed on Instagram but was later beaten to that title by football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Being an entertainer isn’t the only thing she is, though, as she has also taken the fashion and cosmetics industry by storm. She owns a makeup line, a fragrance line, a clothing line as well as a production company known as July Moonhead Productions. At age 17, she was already an Ambassador of UNICEF, having collaborated with charitable organizations.

Brand Endorsements And Hobbies

Selena Gomez’s rare beauty has won her various endorsement deals with multiple brands and products, which include the following:

  • Adidas NEO
  • Dream Out Loud
  • Kmart
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Pantene

Her hobbies and interests are coffee, cosmetics, and makeup, fashion, food, and health. 

Tours & Major Achievements

Selena has carried out a series of concert tours both alone and with her former band. Here is a list of them:

Solo tours

  • Stars Dance Tour (2013–2014)
  • Revival Tour (2016)

Selena Gomez & the Scene tours

  • Live in Concert (2009–2010)
  • A Year Without Rain Tour (2010–2011)
  • We Own the Night Tour (2011–2012)

Selena has won a host of awards and recognitions in  career and here are just a selected few below:

Billboard Music Award for Woman of the Year


Lo Nuestro Award for Crossover Collaboration of the Year

2019 · Taki Taki

NRJ Music Award for International Female Artist of the Year


Radio Disney Music Award for Most Talked About Artist


Billboard Women in Music for Chart Topper


Radio Disney Music Award for Best Female Artist

2016, 2013

Teen Choice Award for Choice Instagrammer

2018, 2017, 2016

Her Net Worth

Selena Gomez’s movies and songs have been very instrumental in helping her arrive at her present net worth. 

Selena Gomez’s net worth as of April 2020 is estimated to be $80million. 

Latest News

Who is Selena Gomez dating? 

Selena Gomez’s boyfriend is currently unknown, but she said back in October 2019 that she has been single for two years since she split with Justin Bieber in 2017, indicating that she is willing to wait until she finds the ideal partner she would be going into her next relationship with regardless of how long it may take. 

Also, the Selena Gomez weight gain rumors haven’t been confirmed yet as she hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time now.