Shannon Sharpe Reveals Selena Gomez’s Alleged Use Of Him As A Paparazzi Distraction


Former football player and ESPN host, Shannon Sharpe, found himself unknowingly involved in a paparazzi frenzy when he was spotted outside Giorgio Baldi with Selena Gomez. In a recent interview with former Cincinnati Bengals star, Chad Johnson, Sharpe shared his side of the story, suggesting that Gomez and her team may have used him as a distraction to avoid being captured by the cameras.

Key Takeaway

Former football player Shannon Sharpe claims that Selena Gomez may have used him as a distraction to avoid paparazzi attention during their recent encounter outside Giorgio Baldi. Despite being unknowingly involved, Sharpe isn’t bothered by the incident and even jokes about it.

Selena’s Alleged Plan

According to Sharpe, it appeared that Selena’s team noticed his celebrity status during their gathering. When Sharpe got up to leave, they followed closely behind, hoping that the photographers would be too focused on the famous former athlete to pay attention to Selena’s exit.

Although the plan was only partially successful, with the interviewer momentarily leaving Sharpe mid-conversation to capture a shot of Selena, it seems that Sharpe was unwittingly involved in the scheme.

Sharpe’s Response

Despite being used as a tool in Selena’s game of hide and seek with the paparazzi, Sharpe took the incident in stride. In the interview, he laughed off the viral moment and playfully accused Gomez of using his celebrity status to her advantage.

Sharpe admitted that he didn’t know much about the former Disney actress at the time but mentioned that if he had recognized her, he likely would have asked for a selfie. Nonetheless, he seems to be unaffected by the incident and is open to the possibility of crossing paths with Gomez again in the future.