Selena Gomez Faces Backlash From Jewish Organization Over Israel-Hamas Controversy


Selena Gomez has recently found herself at the center of a heated controversy surrounding the Israel-Hamas war. A Jewish organization, the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE), has labeled her a “coward” for succumbing to the pressure to boycott and demonize Israel. Mitchell Bard, speaking on behalf of AICE, expressed disappointment in Gomez for prioritizing her business interests over acknowledging the reported massacre of 1,400 Israelis and the taking of hostages, including vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, disabled, and young children.

Key Takeaway

Selena Gomez is facing criticism from a Jewish organization for allegedly prioritizing her business interests over acknowledging the suffering of Israelis during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The organization argues that her pro-Palestinian stance perpetuates a one-sided narrative, while Gomez’s supporters believe she is standing up for justice and accountability in the region.

The Battle of Priorities

AICE criticizes Gomez for appeasing those seeking to boycott Rare Beauty, her own beauty brand, by aligning herself with the popular pro-Palestinian stance. The organization emphasizes that while Palestinians have suffered under Hamas, they believe Palestinians are being used as victims to promote a one-sided narrative. In contrast, Alia Malak, a founding member of the Palestinian organization Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), supports Gomez’s position, highlighting that many artists, scholars, and public figures worldwide are calling for a ceasefire, justice, and accountability in the conflict.

Supporting the Cause

Rare Beauty’s statement on Instagram acknowledged the tragic loss of Israeli lives during the conflict and condemned attacks on civilians. However, the brand’s main focus was on protecting Palestinian civilians. Rare Beauty has since shared resources concerning the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region, urging everyone to be kind during these troubling times.