Selena Gomez’s Beauty Company Takes A Firm Stand On The Israel-Palestine Conflict


Selena Gomez’s beauty company, Rare Beauty, has released a statement addressing the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, clearly expressing their stance on the matter. This comes after Selena faced criticism for her initial vague comments on the issue. Rare Beauty, through an Instagram post, has firmly positioned themselves in support of Palestine while condemning attacks on civilians from both sides.

Key Takeaway

Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez’s beauty company, has released a statement unequivocally supporting Palestine and condemning attacks on civilians from both sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Their post highlights the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the impact on innocent Palestinian civilians, particularly children. This statement aims to clarify their position after Selena faced criticism for her initially vague comments on the issue.

A Strong Pro-Palestine Message

In their Instagram post, Rare Beauty shared an image of a maroon square with the words “Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza” written below it. This visual choice immediately indicates their sympathy towards the plight of Palestinians. Their caption, although attempting to navigate a diplomatic line, undeniably leans towards a pro-Palestine standpoint.

Rare Beauty’s statement highlights the devastating impact of the conflict on innocent Palestinian civilians, emphasizing that thousands have been killed and millions forced to live without basic necessities such as food, water, and medicine. Within these victims, the company emphasizes the large number of children affected. They unequivocally state that Palestinian civilians must be protected, without any ambiguity.

Denouncement of Attacks on Civilians

While Rare Beauty empathizes with the terror attack against innocent civilians in Israel, including children, that took place on October 7th, they maintain that attacks on civilians are never acceptable. They strongly denounce any form of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, asserting their commitment to condemning violence towards any group.

A Clearer Message than Selena’s Initial Post

Rare Beauty’s statement serves as a clarification of Selena Gomez’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Selena initially faced backlash for her vague comments, which appeared to center more on herself than the issue at hand. However, through their post, Rare Beauty presents a more defined and transparent viewpoint.

By drawing attention to the crisis in Gaza and aligning themselves with the pro-Palestine demonstrations taking place around the world, Rare Beauty strongly implies that they perceive Israel’s response to be disproportionate. Their message holds greater clarity and takes a definitive stance on the matter.

Supporting Resources and Aid

To further contribute to the cause, Rare Beauty directs its audience to various resources and organizations that provide international aid. Additionally, they commit to making donations to these organizations, demonstrating their dedication to lending assistance.