Selena Gomez Returns To Instagram With Gordon Ramsay


Selena Gomez has made a quick comeback to Instagram, surprising her fans after announcing a break from social media just 20 hours earlier. The singer and actress shared a photo on Thursday featuring her with renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in her kitchen. In the caption, she expressed her excitement about learning to make a delicious Breakfast Burger from Ramsay.

Key Takeaway

Selena Gomez surprised fans with her quick return to Instagram, sharing a photo with Gordon Ramsay after announcing a break from social media.

A Swift Return

This speedy return to Instagram comes after Selena Gomez had recently declared her intention to take a break from social media. Her decision followed the circulation of a video showing her enjoying time with her boyfriend, Benny Blanco, and some children, presumably family.

Previous Breaks from Instagram

Although this is not the first time Selena has stepped away from the platform, her swift return has caught the attention of many. Previously, she had taken a break following controversy surrounding her comments about the Israel-Hamas war. Additionally, her private conversation with Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes had sparked speculation and unwanted attention.