An Overview Of The PSPgo Specifications


Design and Dimensions

The PSPgo, released by Sony in 2009, boasts a sleek and compact design that is ideal for on-the-go gaming. Its dimensions are 128mm x 69mm x 16.5mm (W x H x D), making it significantly smaller and more portable than its predecessor, the PSP-3000. The device features a slide-out control panel, which reveals a vibrant 3.8-inch LCD screen when opened.

With its slick, piano-black finish and rounded edges, the PSPgo exudes a modern and stylish aesthetic. The overall design is minimalistic, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. The absence of a UMD drive has allowed for a thinner and more compact design, making it a convenient choice for gamers who prioritize portability.

The placement and layout of the controls on the PSPgo are well thought out and intuitive. The traditional PlayStation buttons, including the iconic directional pad, are positioned ergonomically for comfortable gaming sessions. The device also features a sliding analog stick, offering precise control during gameplay.

The PSPgo includes a handy 3.5mm headphone jack and a built-in microphone, allowing users to enjoy immersive sound and engage in voice chats during multiplayer gaming. Additionally, it features a built-in speaker, although the audio quality is best experienced with headphones.

Overall, the PSPgo’s design and dimensions make it a highly portable and stylish handheld gaming device. Its slim profile and lightweight construction make it easy to slip into a pocket or bag, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite titles wherever they go. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a long journey, the PSPgo offers a comfortable and convenient gaming experience.

Display and Controls

The PSPgo features a stunning 3.8-inch LCD screen that delivers vibrant and crisp visuals. With a resolution of 480×272 pixels, the display offers a sharp and detailed gaming experience. The screen’s wide aspect ratio enhances gameplay and allows for an immersive viewing experience.

The handheld console also features adjustable brightness settings, allowing users to optimize visibility in different lighting conditions. Whether you’re gaming in broad daylight or in a dimly lit room, you can adjust the screen’s brightness to ensure maximum playability.

The controls on the PSPgo are designed to provide a seamless gaming experience. The front panel of the device includes the traditional PlayStation buttons, such as the directional pad, action buttons, and shoulder buttons. These controls are responsive and well-placed, ensuring precise and comfortable gameplay.

One of the standout features of the PSPgo is the inclusion of a sliding analog stick, located below the screen. This analog stick provides smooth and accurate control, making it a valuable addition for gamers who enjoy more precise movements. Whether you’re navigating through menus or engaging in fast-paced action, the analog stick enhances gameplay in various genres.

The handheld console also incorporates a touchscreen display. While not as prominent as the screen itself, the touchscreen adds an extra layer of interactivity and functionality. Users can navigate menus, access additional features, and interact with certain games using the touchscreen functionality.

Additionally, the PSPgo boasts a dedicated volume control on the side of the device, allowing users to easily adjust the audio level without disrupting their gaming experience. The inclusion of this dedicated volume control showcases Sony’s commitment to user convenience and accessibility.

Storage and Memory

The PSPgo offers ample storage space for your favorite games, multimedia content, and personal files. Unlike previous models in the PSP series, the PSPgo does not feature a UMD drive. Instead, it utilizes a built-in flash memory for storing games and other digital content.

The device comes with 16GB of internal flash memory, providing enough space to store a collection of games, music, videos, and photos. This generous storage capacity allows you to carry a wide range of entertainment options with you wherever you go.

In addition to the built-in storage, the PSPgo supports expandable memory in the form of Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards. By inserting a compatible M2 card into the dedicated slot on the device, you can significantly increase the available storage space for your content.

When it comes to memory, the PSPgo is equipped with 64MB of main memory, which enables smooth and efficient performance while gaming or multitasking. This ensures that you can switch between applications seamlessly, without any noticeable lag or slowdown.

Furthermore, the PSPgo supports the PlayStation Network, which allows users to download and store their games directly on the device. This digital distribution model eliminates the need for physical game discs and offers a convenient way to access a vast library of titles from the PlayStation Store.

Overall, the PSPgo offers a combination of built-in storage and expandable memory options, ensuring that you have enough space to store your favorite games and multimedia content. With its onboard flash memory and support for Memory Stick Micro cards, you can easily customize your storage capacity to suit your needs.

Battery Life

One of the important considerations for any portable gaming device is its battery life, and the PSPgo offers a satisfactory performance in this aspect. The device is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides hours of uninterrupted gaming and entertainment.

The PSPgo offers an average battery life of approximately 4-6 hours when playing games, depending on factors such as screen brightness and volume level. This allows for extended gaming sessions without the need for frequent recharging. However, it’s worth noting that more graphics-intensive games may consume battery power at a slightly faster rate.

In addition to gaming, the PSPgo also supports other multimedia features such as video playback and music listening. When used for non-gaming purposes, the battery life can last even longer. Users can enjoy several hours of video playback or music playback on a single charge, which is ideal for long journeys or commutes.

To further enhance battery life, the PSPgo includes power-saving options that allow users to optimize energy consumption. These features include automatic screen dimming and sleep mode activation after a specified period of inactivity. By utilizing these power-saving settings, users can extend the battery life of the device.

Charging the PSPgo is simple and convenient. The device comes with an AC adapter that enables charging via a standard power outlet. Additionally, the PSPgo supports USB charging, which allows users to charge their device using a computer or other USB power source.

Overall, the PSPgo offers a decent battery life that caters to most gaming and entertainment needs. Whether you’re embarking on a long trip or simply playing during your daily commute, the PSPgo’s battery will provide you with enough power for extended periods of enjoyment.

Connectivity Options

The PSPgo offers a range of connectivity options that allow users to engage in multiplayer gaming, connect to external devices, and access online content. These connectivity features enhance the overall gaming experience and provide users with additional ways to enjoy their PSPgo.

First and foremost, the PSPgo supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to connect to the internet and access online gaming features. With a stable internet connection, players can engage in multiplayer modes, download game updates, and even access online multiplayer communities.

In addition to online gaming, Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to access the PlayStation Store directly from the device. This gives players the ability to browse and purchase a wide range of games, demos, and additional content. The online store also offers exclusive discounts, promotions, and free game downloads.

The PSPgo features a built-in Bluetooth module, which enables wireless connectivity with compatible devices. This allows users to connect their handheld console to Bluetooth headphones or speakers for a more immersive gaming experience. Users can also connect their devices for file transfers or data synchronization.

For those who prefer a more traditional gaming experience, the PSPgo supports USB connectivity. This allows users to connect their handheld console to a computer or other USB-enabled devices for file transfers, charging, and firmware updates. USB connectivity provides a convenient and reliable method for managing content on the PSPgo.

Furthermore, the PSPgo features a video output port that allows users to connect the device to a TV or monitor. This opens up the possibility of playing games on a larger screen, offering a more immersive and cinematic gameplay experience. The video output port supports both standard-definition and high-definition resolutions for maximum compatibility.

Gaming Capabilities

The PSPgo offers a wide range of gaming capabilities that make it a compelling choice for gaming enthusiasts. Powered by a robust processor and advanced graphics capabilities, the handheld console delivers a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

The device supports a vast library of games, ranging from popular titles to indie gems. Users can choose from a diverse range of genres, including action, adventure, role-playing, sports, racing, and more. The PSPgo’s extensive game library ensures that there is something for every type of gamer, catering to a wide range of preferences and play styles.

Gaming on the PSPgo is further enhanced by the inclusion of a sliding analog stick. This analog stick provides precise control and fluid movements, allowing players to navigate through game worlds and execute actions with utmost accuracy and responsiveness. The addition of the analog stick enriches the gaming experience, particularly in games that require precise input or quick reactions.

In addition to physical game releases, the PSPgo is designed to embrace the digital age of gaming. Users can download games directly onto the device from the PlayStation Store, eliminating the need for physical game discs. This digital distribution model allows for instant access to a vast library of titles, providing convenience and flexibility for gamers.

The PSPgo also supports multiplayer gaming, both locally and online. Users can connect with friends and challenge them in multiplayer modes, or engage in cooperative gameplay experiences. With Wi-Fi capabilities and access to online gaming communities, players can compete or cooperate with other gamers worldwide, enhancing the social aspect of gaming.

Furthermore, the PSPgo offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to personalize their gaming experience. From themes and wallpapers to custom soundtracks, users can make their handheld console reflect their own unique style and preferences. This level of customization adds a personal touch to the gaming experience and allows users to truly make the PSPgo their own.

Overall, the PSPgo’s gaming capabilities make it a versatile and enjoyable handheld gaming device. With its extensive game library, intuitive controls, and online gaming features, it provides a platform for immersive gameplay experiences that cater to a wide range of gaming preferences.

Downloading and Playing Games

The PSPgo revolutionizes the way games are accessed and played by embracing digital distribution. With its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and access to the PlayStation Store, users can easily download and play a wide variety of games directly on the handheld device.

The PlayStation Store offers a vast library of games specifically designed for the PSPgo. Users can browse through different categories, genres, and top-rated titles to find their preferred games. From classic PlayStation favorites to newly released titles, the store provides a diverse selection to cater to the gaming preferences of all users.

Downloading games onto the PSPgo is simple and convenient. Users can browse the store directly from the device and select their desired games. With just a few clicks, the games are downloaded and ready to play, eliminating the need for physical game discs. This digital distribution model offers greater convenience, as users can access their games instantly without having to visit a retail store.

Once a game is downloaded, it is stored on the PSPgo’s internal memory or a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card, providing ample space for users to build their gaming library. The device allows for quick and easy access to the downloaded games, making it effortless to switch between titles and indulge in various gaming experiences.

The PSPgo also supports game updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest patches and improvements. These updates can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store, ensuring that gamers always have access to the most up-to-date version of their games. This ensures a smooth and optimal gaming experience, with any potential bugs or performance issues being addressed by the developers.

Gaming on the PSPgo is a seamless and immersive experience. The device offers smooth gameplay and impressive graphics, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in their favorite games. With the addition of the sliding analog stick and intuitive controls, users can navigate game worlds and execute actions with precision and accuracy.

Overall, the PSPgo revolutionizes the gaming experience by allowing users to download and play games directly on the device. This digital distribution model offers convenience, a wide selection of games, and access to the latest updates, ensuring that users can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience anywhere, anytime.

Multimedia Features

Aside from its gaming capabilities, the PSPgo also serves as a versatile multimedia device that provides a variety of entertainment options. With its vibrant display and robust audio capabilities, the handheld console offers a rich multimedia experience for users.

One of the standout features of the PSPgo is its ability to play high-quality videos and movies. Users can transfer their favorite movies or videos onto the device or choose to download them directly from the PlayStation Store. The brilliant 3.8-inch LCD screen and wide aspect ratio deliver sharp and vibrant visuals, allowing users to enjoy their favorite films with impressive clarity and detail.

Furthermore, the PSPgo supports various video formats, including MP4, MPEG-4, and AVI, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of multimedia content. Users can also adjust the screen brightness and audio settings to optimize their viewing experience for different lighting and sound environments.

In addition to video playback, the PSPgo functions as a portable music player. Users can transfer their music collection onto the device or choose to download their favorite songs from the PlayStation Store. The handheld console supports popular audio formats such as MP3 and AAC, allowing for a diverse range of music playback options.

With its integrated speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack, the PSPgo delivers high-quality audio output. Users can enjoy their music with rich and dynamic sound, whether they are using the built-in speakers or connecting their headphones for a more personal listening experience. The device also supports the creation of playlists, providing users with the ability to organize their music collection and tailor their music listening experience.

In addition to video and music playback, the PSPgo supports photo viewing. Users can transfer their digital photos onto the device and create personalized slideshows. The vivid display and wide color gamut of the handheld console bring photos to life, allowing users to reminisce and share their favorite moments in a captivating way.

Overall, the PSPgo’s multimedia features enhance its versatility as an entertainment device. Whether users are watching videos, listening to music, or viewing photos, the handheld console provides a stunning visual and audio experience. Its compact size and functionality ensure that users can enjoy their favorite multimedia content anytime, anywhere.

Internet Browsing

The PSPgo offers internet browsing capabilities, allowing users to surf the web and access their favorite online content. With its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser, the handheld console provides a convenient and portable way to stay connected and explore the online world.

The web browser on the PSPgo supports HTML and provides a user-friendly interface for browsing websites. Users can enter URLs or utilize search engines to discover new sites and information. The PSPgo’s 3.8-inch LCD screen offers a comfortable viewing experience, with adjustable brightness settings to accommodate different lighting conditions.

While the PSPgo’s web browser may not offer the same level of functionality as a desktop browser, it still provides access to a wide range of online content. Users can read news articles, browse social media platforms, check emails, watch videos, and more. This allows for staying up-to-date with the latest information and engaging with online communities while on the go.

The handheld console’s controls, such as the directional pad and buttons, are well-suited for basic web navigation. Users can scroll through websites, click on links, and zoom in or out to adjust the page layout. However, it is important to note that intricate web applications or websites heavy in multimedia may not perform optimally on the PSPgo.

It’s worth mentioning that the PSPgo’s internet browsing capabilities are complemented by its support for various multimedia formats. Users can stream online videos or listen to internet radio, expanding their entertainment options beyond just gaming. This versatility adds to the overall internet browsing experience on the device.

While the internet browsing experience on the PSPgo may not rival that of a dedicated smartphone or computer, it still provides a convenient and portable means of accessing online content. Whether users want to quickly check their emails, browse news articles, or stay connected to their favorite websites, the PSPgo’s web browser offers a simple and accessible solution.

Additional Features

The PSPgo comes equipped with a variety of additional features that enhance its functionality and provide users with a well-rounded entertainment experience. These features go beyond gaming and extend the versatility of the handheld console.

One notable feature is the ability to play digital audio and video content in a wide range of formats. Users can transfer their favorite movies, TV shows, and music onto the device, or choose to download them directly from the PlayStation Store. With its vibrant display and rich audio capabilities, the PSPgo serves as a portable multimedia player, allowing users to enjoy their preferred content wherever they go.

The handheld console also includes a built-in digital photo viewer. Users can transfer their digital photos onto the device and create personalized slideshows, complete with transition effects and background music. The PSPgo’s vibrant screen and wide color gamut bring photos to life, allowing users to showcase their memories and relive special moments on the go.

Another notable feature of the PSPgo is its ability to play digital comics. Users can download and read a wide range of comics and manga directly on the device. With its crisp display and intuitive navigation, the PSPgo provides an immersive reading experience, combining the visual appeal of traditional comics with the convenience of a handheld device.

In addition to entertainment features, the PSPgo also offers practical functionalities. It includes a calendar, calculator, and stopwatch, providing users with essential tools for everyday tasks. These extra features further enhance the utility of the handheld console and make it a versatile companion for various needs.

For those who enjoy customizing their devices, the PSPgo offers the ability to personalize the interface. Users can select from a range of themes and wallpapers to customize the look and feel of their device. This level of customization allows users to make the PSPgo uniquely their own and add a touch of personal style to their gaming experience.

Overall, the additional features of the PSPgo extend its functionality beyond gaming and provide users with a versatile handheld device. From multimedia capabilities to practical tools and customization options, these features enhance the overall user experience and make the PSPgo a well-rounded entertainment choice.