Zion Williamson’s New Chest Tattoo: A Giant Cross With A Gorilla Image


Zion Williamson, the NBA star, recently added some ink to his body, getting a large cross tattooed on his chest. The tattoo, done by Andres Ortega at Onder Ink, features a snarling gorilla inside the cross and is strategically positioned more toward his heart. The significance of the image for Williamson is unclear, but the process took about three hours during a session in New Orleans, according to Ortega.

Key Takeaway

Zion Williamson has added a significant piece of body art, a giant cross with a gorilla image, to his chest. This comes amidst personal milestones and public scrutiny of his performance on the basketball court.

Zion's Eventful Time Off the Court

Aside from getting the new tattoo, Zion Williamson also recently welcomed his baby into the world in November. His personal life has been in the spotlight, and his on-court performance has faced criticism regarding his weight and conditioning at the start of the NBA season. Despite the noise, Williamson has expressed gratitude to his fans for their support.