Zion Williamson Reportedly Ignoring Pelicans’ Wishes To Focus On Diet And Fitness


The New Orleans Pelicans’ efforts to help Zion Williamson improve his fitness seem to be falling on deaf ears, according to a recent report. Despite the team’s concerns, the 2019 No.1 overall draft pick appears to be ignoring their advice.

Key Takeaway

Zion Williamson is reportedly disregarding the New Orleans Pelicans’ advice to focus on his diet and fitness. Despite being one of the most promising young players in the league, his lack of conditioning is becoming a cause for concern. The Pelicans have implemented a weight clause in his contract and have repeatedly emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It remains to be seen whether Williamson will prioritize his long-term success and address these concerns.

Concerns About Williamson’s Fitness

During the Pelicans’ recent In-Season Tournament semifinal game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Williamson seemed exhausted and struggled to keep up with the pace of the game. Many analysts pointed out his lack of fitness as a contributing factor to the team’s 133-89 loss against LeBron James and his teammates.

Zion’s weight has been a topic of conversation since he entered the league, and it seems the Pelicans are taking it seriously. They reportedly included a weight clause in his five-year contract extension, which would result in penalties if his weight and body percentage exceeded a specified limit of 295. Currently, Williamson is reported to weigh 284 pounds.

A Lack of Listening

According to Christian Clark of, the Pelicans have consistently emphasized to Williamson the importance of maintaining a proper diet and improving his conditioning. However, it seems that the young player is not paying heed to these concerns and is failing to make the necessary changes.

While Williamson has acknowledged the need to be more aggressive on the court, it seems that the team expects him to improve off the court as well. Diet and fitness play a crucial role in an athlete’s performance, and it is essential for Williamson to address these areas to reach his full potential.