Vanna White Extends Contract With Wheel Of Fortune For Two More Years


Popular television personality and co-host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Vanna White, has recently signed a new contract extending her role on the show for an additional two years. Along with her continued presence on the long-running game show, it has also been reported that White will be receiving a significant increase in her salary, a substantial raise after nearly two decades without one.

Key Takeaway

Vanna White has signed a new contract to extend her role as co-host of “Wheel of Fortune” for an additional two years. The negotiations for her new contract centered around the significant pay disparity between her and co-host Pat Sajak. This has raised questions about gender-based pay discrimination in the industry.

New Contract Negotiations

According to sources close to White, negotiations for her new contract were described as “very difficult.” The discussions were primarily focused on the salary disparity between White and her co-host, Pat Sajak, who reportedly earns $15 million per season. White had been earning a comparatively meager $3 million annually for the past 18 years, without any salary increases.

White’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, pushed for a substantial pay raise, aiming for at least half of Sajak’s salary, during the negotiations with Sony, the production company of “Wheel of Fortune.” Interestingly, it has been revealed that there was a clause in the new contract originally allowing Sony to release any claims or demands from White. However, Freedman successfully had the clause removed, suggesting a potential legal dispute over gender-based pay discrimination.

A Question of Pay Equity

The disparity in pay between White and Sajak has raised concerns about gender-based pay discrimination. Despite both co-hosts being integral parts of the show and having equal prominence, the vast difference in their salaries is stark. As the show opens with the introduction of both Sajak and White, walking arm in arm, they appear to be on equal footing visually, but their pay scale tells a different story.

It is worth noting that production for the 41st season of “Wheel of Fortune” has already begun, and it will mark Sajak’s final season as the host. The 42nd season, on the other hand, will see Ryan Seacrest taking the reins.