Tyrese Gibson Requests A New Judge For His Divorce Case, Alleges Bias


Tyrese Gibson, the renowned actor, is once again seeking a different judge for his ongoing divorce case in Georgia. He recently filed legal documents expressing his concerns about the current judge, Judge Kevin Farmer, citing bias against him in the proceedings.

Key Takeaway

Tyrese Gibson is requesting a new judge for his divorce case, asserting that the current judge has shown bias against him. He points to the sudden cancellation of a court hearing and demands to pay a substantial bond without adequate explanation as examples of the judge’s alleged unfair treatment.

In the newly obtained legal documents, Tyrese outlines his grievances about Judge Farmer’s handling of the case and argues that he deserves a fair and impartial judge. One of his main complaints is about a court hearing that was abruptly canceled by the judge. During this hearing, Tyrese intended to explain the reasons behind his inability to pay a $450,000 bond within a tight 10-day deadline. He had hoped to shed light on the impact of the Hollywood strikes on his work and income this year.

However, Tyrese claims that Judge Farmer’s cancellation of the hearing, just days before it was scheduled to take place, is another example of bias and unfair treatment towards him. He believes that the judge’s actions indicate a personal vendetta.

This is not the first time Tyrese has sought to have Judge Farmer removed from the case. In a previous report from September 2022, Tyrese alleged that the judge had made derogatory remarks about his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, and expressed a lack of concern for her motives. Additionally, Tyrese claimed that Judge Farmer had belittled him during his testimony.

It remains to be seen if Tyrese’s latest claims will lead to a new judge being assigned to the case, given that his previous attempts were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the actor’s pursuit of a fair and impartial legal process continues as he seeks resolution in his divorce proceedings.