Tyler Perry Opens Up About Being Meghan Markle’s “Therapist” After Royal Family Exit


Hollywood filmmaker and philanthropist Tyler Perry has revealed that he played a crucial role in supporting Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband Prince Harry after their departure from the British royal family. In a candid interview on Kelly Ripa’s podcast “Let’s Talk Off Camera,” Perry spoke about his newfound friendship with the couple and how he provided a safe haven for them during a challenging time in their lives.

Key Takeaway

Hollywood filmmaker Tyler Perry reveals that he acted as Meghan Markle’s confidant and provided sanctuary for her and Prince Harry after their departure from the royal family. Perry’s sincere support demonstrated the importance of having a trusted confidant in an industry often plagued by self-interest.

Extending a Helping Hand

Perry’s involvement in Meghan and Harry’s lives began when the couple relocated to California in 2020. Facing immense public scrutiny and the pressures of royal life, Meghan found herself overwhelmed and isolated. Recognizing her distress, Perry reached out to her through a publicist, offering his unconditional support. This gesture was a lifeline for Meghan, who later reached out to Perry and engaged in a deep and meaningful conversation.

During their heartfelt discussion, Perry, often likened to a therapist, provided a safe space for Meghan to share her thoughts and emotions freely. He demonstrated a sincere desire to lend an empathetic ear and offer unbiased advice, free from any ulterior motives. In an industry notorious for its superficiality and self-interest, Perry’s selfless offer of guidance and sanctuary was a refreshing change for the Duchess.

A Secret Refuge

As Meghan and Harry navigated the initial stages of their new chapter, Perry extended an invitation for them to find solace at his lavish Beverly Hills mansion. The couple gladly accepted, seeking respite from the constant media attention and intrusion into their personal lives. Unbeknownst to the public, the Royals sought refuge at Perry’s estate, finding solace and an opportunity to reconnect away from the spotlight.

Perry recalled how Meghan and Harry stayed at his mansion for several weeks, relishing the privacy and peace that eluded them in their previous lives. Shielded from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, they immersed themselves in a blissful period of contentment and happiness.

A Welcomed Reprieve

The presence of Tyler Perry in Meghan and Harry’s lives symbolizes the importance of having a trustworthy confidant in the entertainment industry. Perry’s sincerity and unreserved support provided the couple with a sense of security and reassurance during a time of immense change and uncertainty.

While the details of their conversations remain private, Perry’s act of kindness and generosity has undoubtedly left an indelible impact on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Hollywood mogul’s role as Meghan’s “therapist” underscores the significance of compassionate individuals who offer a safe haven for those navigating the often treacherous waters of fame and public life.