Tyler Perry Ensures 93-Year-Old’s New Home Includes Pool


In a heartwarming show of support, renowned filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry has come to the aid of a 93-year-old woman named Josephine Wright. Josephine has been engaged in a legal battle with a developer in Hilton Head, South Carolina, over her family’s ancestral property. Taking matters into his own hands, Perry has offered to build Josephine a brand new home, complete with five bedrooms and a swimming pool.

Key Takeaway

Tyler Perry has offered to build a new home for 93-year-old Josephine Wright, who has been embroiled in a legal battle over her family’s ancestral property in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Perry’s generous gesture includes a five-bedroom home with a swimming pool, giving Josephine the opportunity to remain on the land that has been in her family for generations.

Going Above and Beyond

Upon reaching out to Josephine and her family, Perry asked her what she envisioned for her new home. Her request for a spacious dwelling with a pool was met with enthusiastic agreement from Perry and his team. They promptly sent Josephine the blueprints for the new residence. However, being a meticulous individual, Josephine asked for a few minor adjustments, all of which Perry gladly accommodated.

The blueprint for the new home reveals a comprehensive layout. In addition to the desired five bedrooms and a swimming pool, the house will boast a game room, dining room, home office, media room, and a spacious porch. The modular construction approach will ensure that the new home can be built off-site and then transported to a designated area on Josephine’s cherished property.

A Fight for Inheritance

Josephine’s current home is partially built on the contested section of the property, which has been at the center of a bitter land dispute. Tyler Perry’s intervention in the situation comes as a welcome relief for Josephine and her family, who have witnessed their beloved matriarch’s determination to preserve her family’s legacy.

A Symbol of Generosity and Compassion

Having pledged his support to Josephine since July, Tyler Perry wasted no time in initiating the process of constructing the new home. With all the permits underway, construction crews will begin their work within a few weeks. Perry’s act of kindness has garnered attention worldwide, as Josephine’s granddaughter, Charise, expresses gratitude for the outpouring of support.

As Josephine continues her legal proceedings against the developer, her family remains hopeful for a positive resolution. In the meantime, Josephine is recovering from surgery to improve her kidney function. The support from Tyler Perry and people around the world has brought a sense of comfort and strength to Josephine, as she fights to protect what is rightfully hers.

The story of Tyler Perry’s intervention on behalf of Josephine Wright serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and the impact one individual can have in making a difference in someone’s life.