Tyler Perry Comes To The Rescue: Buys House For 93-Year-Old Woman Pushed Out By Developers


Hollywood actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry is stepping in to help a 93-year-old woman who is at risk of losing her ancestral home in South Carolina. Perry plans to purchase a new 5-bedroom home for Josephine Wright, replacing the property that she currently resides in with her grandchildren.

Key Takeaway

Tyler Perry is stepping in to support Josephine Wright, a 93-year-old woman facing eviction due to a land dispute. Perry’s act of kindness includes purchasing a new 5-bedroom home for Wright, highlighting the significance of preserving heritage and helping those in need.

The ongoing dispute revolves around a bitter land battle between Wright and the Bailey Point Investment Group. Bailey Point seeks to acquire Wright’s land in Hilton Head, which holds significant sentimental value as it has been in her family since the era of the Civil War. The group filed a lawsuit to gain control of the property after Wright rejected their offer to purchase the home.

Wright, who previously disclosed that the town granted approval for the development of land behind her property, alleges that she has been subjected to harassment by Bailey Point. In addition to the legal fees associated with the case, Wright’s family also had to deal with significant damages to their home, including two holes in the roof caused by a fallen tree.

The construction of the new home, which is set to begin in the coming weeks, will bring relief to Wright and her family. Perry, known for his philanthropic endeavors, has pledged his commitment to Wright and has shown an unwavering dedication to helping those in precarious situations.

This story emphasizes the importance of preserving historical connections and supporting individuals facing housing challenges. Tyler Perry’s act of compassion serves as an inspiration to others, showing that even a small gesture can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

  • Josephine Wright, a 93-year-old woman, is at risk of losing her ancestral home in South Carolina.
  • Tyler Perry will purchase a new 5-bedroom home to replace the property Wright currently resides in.
  • A land dispute with the Bailey Point Investment Group led to the legal battle over Wright’s property.
  • Wright’s home suffered damages including holes in the roof caused by a fallen tree.
  • Perry’s philanthropic efforts highlight the importance of preserving heritage and offering assistance to those in need.