Tua Tagovailoa Embraces New Cornrow Look And Laughs Off Drake Comparisons


Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, made waves during his bye week as he debuted a new hairstyle – cornrows. However, despite the immediate comparisons to popular rapper Drake, Tagovailoa insists he doesn’t look like him.

Key Takeaway

Tua Tagovailoa brushes off comparisons to Drake, finding humor in the situation and entertaining the idea of showcasing his rapping skills.

During a press conference, Tagovailoa addressed the comparisons with a laugh, stating, “I don’t know if I look like Drake. Drake?!” The quarterback seemed to find the situation amusing and even added to the humor by entertaining the idea of rapping, leaning into the microphone and singing “Kiki” before breaking into a little dance.

While some observers may see a resemblance between Tagovailoa and Drake, the quarterback made it clear that he isn’t sold on the comparison. Despite this, he still managed to have fun during the press conference, lightening the atmosphere with his humorous response.

Tagovailoa also revealed that the opinion that mattered most to him was that of his wife, who happened to be a fan of his new cornrow look. “The wifey likes it,” he assured the attendees. It seems that Tagovailoa was more focused on impressing his loved ones rather than worrying about any celebrity comparisons.

As Tua Tagovailoa rocked his new cornrows, it became evident that his main goal was to enjoy his bye week and experiment with his hairstyle. Despite the initial buzz surrounding the similarities to Drake, the quarterback remained nonchalant, demonstrating his ability to stay lighthearted and focused on what truly matters – his performance on the football field.

So, while the Drake comparisons may continue to circulate, Tagovailoa has made it clear that he is his own person, confident in his distinctive style and not letting the opinions of others overshadow his own identity.