Tragic Incident Unfolds In Compton As Man Is Fatally Attacked By His Pit Bulls


A man in Compton, Los Angeles County, met a tragic end when he was mauled to death by his own pit bulls. The distressing aftermath was captured by news helicopters, revealing the discovery of his body in a backyard kennel.

Key Takeaway

A man in Compton, Los Angeles County, tragically lost his life after being attacked by his own pit bulls. The incident has sparked an ongoing investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the fatal mauling.

Details of the Incident

The horrifying incident occurred on Thursday night, with the victim’s body remaining undiscovered until the following day. The scene, as depicted in images circulating on social media, is deeply disturbing.

It is unclear what led to the fatal mauling, but reports indicate that the man was involved in the breeding and sale of pit bulls. At the time of the attack, he had at least five adult dogs in his backyard. Authorities suspect that the man may have been attempting to feed the animals when they turned on him.

Early on Friday, helicopters surveying the area captured images of the victim’s body in one of the enclosures on his property. Subsequently, first responders arrived to contain the situation and secure the dogs.

Rescue Efforts and Ongoing Investigation

Despite the presence of authorities, the ordeal continued as a woman found herself in the yard and required assistance to escape from the dogs. Firefighters eventually rescued her and brought the situation under control. The fate of the dogs now rests with Animal Control, as they have taken possession of the animals.

The director of LA County’s Animal Control department expressed condolences to the victim’s family and friends, emphasizing the commitment to conducting a comprehensive investigation to establish the facts and ensure the safety of both the community and the animals involved.


The identity of the victim has not been disclosed, with reports indicating that a neighbor made the tragic discovery of his body.