Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Manslaughter In Connection To Hockey Player’s Throat-Slashing Death


A man has been arrested in England on suspicion of manslaughter in connection with the tragic death of former NHL player Adam Johnson. Johnson passed away after sustaining a fatal neck injury during an Elite Ice Hockey League game, caused by the skate of player Matt Petgrave. The arrest comes 17 days after the incident took place.

Key Takeaway

A man has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in connection with the death of ex-NHL player Adam Johnson. The incident occurred during an Elite Ice Hockey League game when Johnson was struck in the throat by a skate. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working diligently to uncover the circumstances surrounding the tragic event.

Investigation Underway

The South Yorkshire Police launched an immediate investigation following the tragedy. Detective Chief Superintendent Becs Horsfall stated that the authorities have been conducting extensive inquiries to understand the events that led to Adam’s loss in these unprecedented circumstances. Specialized experts have been consulted, and the health and safety department at Sheffield City Council is supporting the investigation.

The Incident

The incident occurred during a game between the Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers in England. Video footage showed Matt Petgrave unintentionally striking Adam Johnson in the throat with his skate as Johnson was crossing the blueline. The impact caused immediate bleeding, and despite prompt medical attention, Johnson sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Post-Mortem Examination

A post-mortem examination confirmed that Adam Johnson’s cause of death was a fatal neck injury. The news of his passing has deeply affected various communities, from Sheffield residents to ice hockey fans worldwide.