Tory Lanez Expresses Desire To Be With Gen Pop In New Prison


Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, currently serving time in a California state prison, has expressed his desire to be housed with the general population of inmates rather than being kept in isolation.

Key Takeaway

Tory Lanez, currently incarcerated in a California state prison, has expressed his desire to be housed with the general inmate population rather than in isolation. Despite potential risks, Lanez feels confident in his ability to navigate prison life. He believes that being in gen pop would offer access to more programs and resources, potentially aiding in his rehabilitation and facilitating a quicker release. However, Lanez has concerns about limited communication with his loved ones at Kern State Prison.

An Unusual Request

Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, has been denied bail pending his appeal, and according to his legal team member Ceasar McDowell, Lanez wants to be housed among the other inmates in the new facility rather than being placed in a protective wing typically reserved for high-profile prisoners.

Despite the potential dangers associated with general population and the increased likelihood of conflicts, Lanez has allegedly voiced no concerns about his safety. According to McDowell, Lanez feels confident in his ability to handle himself.

McDowell also revealed that Lanez has been informed about prison life by individuals from his own circle with previous experience, leading him to believe that he could seamlessly integrate into the general population.

Potential Benefits

Aside from his personal preference, there are practical reasons driving Lanez’s request to be placed in gen pop. In general population, inmates often have access to more programs and resources, such as support groups, which Lanez believes could potentially aid in his rehabilitation and hasten his release.

However, it is currently uncertain which specific programs Lanez could participate in or how they might contribute to his case.

Concerns for Communication

While Lanez may not fear for his own safety within the new prison, he reportedly has persistent fears regarding the limited contact he will have with his loved ones. The communication rules at Kern State Prison, where he is currently incarcerated, are different from those at Los Angeles County Jail, where he enjoyed more freedom in making phone calls at any time.

For the time being, Lanez will have limited access to the outside world. McDowell stated that Lanez cannot make outgoing calls, but he can receive calls from his legal team. This restriction, however, is expected to be temporary as Lanez is required to remain in the reception center for the next 30 days.

Following this month-long period, Lanez will proceed to inmate orientation, where his future housing, including the possibility of being placed in gen pop, will be determined. In the meantime, Lanez’s legal team is tirelessly working to secure a higher court’s reconsideration of his denied bail.