Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Ends Relationship With Boyfriend Seth Posey


A Lack of Support and Public Pressure

Despite the breakup, Joe Exotic acknowledged the support he received from Seth over the past two years, particularly during his battle with cancer. In the letter, Joe expressed his well wishes to Seth and his “amazing” mother for their future endeavors.

Key Takeaway

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic and his fiancé Seth Posey have decided to end their relationship. While citing a lack of support and public pressure, Joe Exotic hinted at a new love interest on the horizon. The breakup raises questions about the fate of Joe’s will, in which he left everything to Seth.

A New Love Interest on the Horizon

In an intriguing twist, Joe Exotic hinted at a new love interest in his life. He alluded to finding companionship with someone older, more mature, and who is expected to play a significant role in his future.

It is worth noting that Joe Exotic has garnered significant attention and popularity among his fellow inmates since his conviction in 2020 for a murder-for-hire plot. After his previous breakup with Dillon Passage in 2021, Joe organized an online ‘Bachelor King’ competition to find his next partner. Seth Posey emerged as the winner, leading to their subsequent relationship. However, their relationship encountered ups and downs, including a brief fling with fellow inmate John Graham after Seth and Joe’s initial breakup.

Questions Surrounding Joe’s Will