Joe Exotic’s Public Crush On Machine Gun Kelly’s New Blackout Tattoo


Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix’s ‘Tiger King,’ has publicly expressed his admiration for Machine Gun Kelly’s new blackout tattoo. The tattoo, which covers the rapper’s upper torso, has caught Joe Exotic’s attention, and he hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings.

Key Takeaway

Joe Exotic has publicly expressed his admiration for Machine Gun Kelly’s new blackout tattoo, openly pining for the rapper and even suggesting a romantic relationship.

Joe Exotic’s Open Declaration

On X Wednesday, Joe Exotic took to his social media account to share a photo of Machine Gun Kelly showcasing his new tattoo. In the caption, Joe made a flirtatious remark, stating, “A tiger and a bit of meth, I can make MGK gay.” He also referenced a line from ‘Tiger King’ and shared a meme of MGK, expressing his infatuation with the rapper.

Joe’s Plea for Help

Joe, who is currently incarcerated, has also reached out to Machine Gun Kelly for assistance in securing his release from prison. He has been vocal about his desire to be freed and has even hinted at a potential relationship with the “Bad Things” hitmaker.

MGK’s Commitment and Response

However, it seems that Joe’s affection may not be reciprocated, as Machine Gun Kelly is in a committed relationship with actress Megan Fox. Additionally, MGK has explained that his new tattoo holds spiritual significance and symbolizes a desire to distance himself from chaos, which may not align with Joe’s tumultuous past.

Despite Joe’s public display of admiration, it appears that Machine Gun Kelly may not share the same romantic interest. Joe Exotic may need to continue his search for a partner who shares his colorful and wild ways.

As Joe continues to navigate his circumstances, his public declaration of affection for Machine Gun Kelly has certainly garnered attention.