Machine Gun Kelly Unveils Dramatic Upper Body Blackout Tattoo For Spiritual Purposes


Machine Gun Kelly has revealed his most striking tattoo to date, a solid black ink covering nearly his entire upper torso. The rapper showcased his new look on Instagram, displaying the black ink that now covers almost half of his upper body, strategically allowing some of his original tattoos to peek through.

Key Takeaway

Machine Gun Kelly’s blackout cover-up tattoo represents a significant personal and spiritual transformation, reflecting his desire for change and order in his life.

A Personal and Spiritual Transformation

The decision to undergo this dramatic transformation was deeply personal for Machine Gun Kelly, as revealed by his tattoo artist, ROXX. According to ROXX, the rapper had a “spiritual consultation” before proceeding with the blackout tattoo. Machine Gun Kelly expressed that his existing tattoos felt too chaotic and that he was seeking a sense of change and order in his life.

Machine Gun Kelly emphasized on his Instagram caption that the blackout cover-up was for “spiritual purposes only,” and disabled comments on the post. The process of getting the blackout tattoo was not easy, with ROXX noting that it was one of the most extensive projects she has undertaken in a short period of time. The sessions began in mid-December, with Machine Gun Kelly visiting her private studio in Los Angeles four days a week for 13 six-hour sessions. Despite the pain, ROXX praised the rapper for being the toughest client she has had in her 30-year career.

A Bold Statement of Change

Machine Gun Kelly’s decision to undergo the blackout tattoo undoubtedly reflects his ability to make a bold statement. The extensive and transformative nature of the tattoo serves as a visual representation of his pursuit of change and personal growth.