The Beatles Release Final Song, ‘Now And Then,’ Featuring John Lennon Vocals


The legendary band, The Beatles, has made a comeback with their final song, “Now and Then.” This extraordinary release showcases the unmistakable vocals of the late John Lennon, thanks in part to the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Takeaway

The Beatles have released their final song, “Now and Then,” featuring the vocals of the late John Lennon. With the aid of AI technology, the song has been restored and enhanced, allowing fans to experience the track with unmatched clarity and emotion.

Reviving a Classic

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, along with the support of AI technology, have delivered a heartfelt and powerful statement through the release of this long-awaited track. “Now and Then” is a result of cleaning up and enhancing a demo recording that John Lennon had made in 1978.

In a moving short film accompanying the song, McCartney and Starr reveal that after Lennon’s passing, his widow Yoko Ono entrusted them with the original tapes containing John’s vocals. These tapes remained untouched until now.

A Restored Gem

The nineties marked an attempt to release the song, but due to poor audio quality, it languished in obscurity for years until it was eventually put on hold. However, thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence, the song has been meticulously restored to perfection.

With the help of AI, fans can now enjoy the crisp and clear vocals of John Lennon as he passionately sings, “I know it’s true. It’s all because of you. And if I make it through, it’s all because of you.” Additionally, the late George Harrison’s voice is also featured on the track, adding to the remarkable musical experience.

A Fitting Tribute

Unlike many other projects conceived in memory of departed musicians, Lennon’s family is genuinely thrilled with the final result. Sean Lennon, John’s son, expresses his excitement, saying, “My dad would have loved that because he was never shy to experiment with recording technology. He would have loved that.”

This release is not only a tribute to the legacy of The Beatles but also a testament to Lennon’s unwavering spirit of innovation and exploration. The integration of AI technology has effectively resolved the audio limitations of the past, breathing new life into a truly iconic piece of music.