Sheryl Crow Speaks Out Against The Use Of AI In Music Business, Highlights Concerns With New Beatles Song


Sheryl Crow, the renowned country singer, recently expressed her strong disapproval of the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry. In a candid conversation with Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show,’ she voiced her concerns about the lack of emotion and soul in computer-generated music.

Key Takeaway

Sheryl Crow voices her apprehension about the use of AI in the music industry, emphasizing the absence of emotion and authenticity in computer-generated music. Her criticism is part of a larger ongoing debate surrounding the role of AI in creative processes.

AI’s Impact on Music

Crow highlighted the remarkable advancements in AI technology, particularly in recreating an artist’s voice and style, which she found disconcerting. She even channeled her reservations about AI into her own track called ‘Evolution.’

During her discussion on AI, she mentioned ‘Now and Then,’ the latest Beatles song that was recently released and created with the assistance of AI. Crow did not delve into the details but pointed out that AI had played a role in its production.

However, it is important to note that AI was only used to enhance the vocals of the late John Lennon, rather than creating completely new or fake ones.

Challenges and Controversies

Sheryl Crow’s concerns reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the use of AI in music production. While some artists embrace the technology, others, like Crow, fear the potential loss of authenticity and human touch in the creative process.

She mentioned an incident involving a young songwriter who paid a mere $5 to have John Mayer’s vocals on her track, intended for pitching to male singers in Nashville. Crow expressed her inability to distinguish between the AI-enhanced vocals and Mayer’s original ones.

It is evident that the topic of AI’s role in music has garnered significant attention, involving not only The Beatles but also artists like Drake, who have found themselves unwittingly wrapped up in the conversation.

Ultimately, artists’ attitudes towards AI in music creation vary, and Sheryl Crow clearly falls into the category of those who approach it with skepticism and concern.