Adam Sandler Admits Taylor Swift Makes Him Nervous, Compares Her To The Beatles


Adam Sandler recently opened up about his feelings towards Taylor Swift, admitting that even he gets a little jumpy around the pop sensation. Speaking on SiriusXM’s “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” Sandler revealed that Swift’s immense popularity and significance to his teenage daughters, Sadie and Sunny, make him nervous when he’s around her. He expressed his desire not to act awkward and risk ruining his daughters’ chance to have an awesome experience.

Key Takeaway

Adam Sandler revealed his nervousness around Taylor Swift, highlighting her immense influence and popularity, and even compared her success to the legendary impact of The Beatles.

Feeling Like a Fan

Adam Sandler confessed that despite being a well-known figure himself, he still gets starstruck around Taylor Swift. He described himself as being loud and excited when trying to get her attention, almost like one of his comedy movie characters coming to life. Sandler’s candid admission highlights the impact that Swift has not only on her fans but also on other celebrities.

Comparing Swift to The Beatles

During the conversation, Sandler drew a comparison between Taylor Swift’s current level of success and the phenomenon of “Beatlemania” in the 1960s. He emphasized Swift’s numerous hit songs and her widespread influence, noting that there’s not a word his kids don’t know when it comes to her music. Sandler’s admiration for Swift’s talent and popularity further underscores her status as a global music icon.