Taylor Swift’s Enthralling Craze Lights Up The Empire State Building


A social media frenzy erupted when Taylor Swift was photographed at a Chiefs football game, posing beside a plate of chicken tenders accompanied by dollops of both ketchup and seemingly ranch dressing. The photo, initially posted on a Taylor Swift fan account, quickly went viral, amassing an astounding 32 million views. Thus, a new meme trend was born.

Key Takeaway

The Empire State Building paid tribute to Taylor Swift’s viral condiment craze by illuminating its lights in red and white, mirroring the colors associated with both Taylor’s favorite condiments and her boyfriend’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the Empire State Building being an iconic symbol of New York City, it couldn’t resist joining the viral sensation. On a fateful Wednesday night, the renowned landmark traded its usual vibrant lights for a vibrant combination of red and white, mirroring the colors of Taylor Swift’s unconventional condiment choice.

The connection to the colors doesn’t stop there. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, whose team colors are coincidentally also red and white. Interestingly, the Chiefs were set to face off against the New York Jets in the upcoming weekend, and Taylor herself was expected to attend the game. It seems that even the Jets’ hometown Empire State Building couldn’t resist the allure of Taylor Swift’s condiment craze.

Taylor Swift’s immense influence and rapidly spreading memes demonstrate her unrivaled presence in pop culture. Her seemingly trivial choices, such as a plate of chicken tenders adorned with condiments, have the power to captivate millions and inspire even the most iconic structures in the world. This latest display by the Empire State Building only serves to solidify Taylor Swift’s reign as a cultural phenomenon. Move over, Beatles, Taylor Swift is here to make her mark.