John Lennon’s Grammy Trustee Award Expected To Fetch Up To $500K At Auction


A rare and coveted piece of Beatles history is set to go up for auction, promising to attract the attention of avid collectors and multimillionaires alike. This unique item is none other than a Grammy Trustee award that was presented to the legendary John Lennon.

Key Takeaway

A Grammy Trustee award given to John Lennon of The Beatles is expected to fetch an impressive $500,000 at auction. The award holds sentimental value as a recognition of The Beatles’ significant contributions to the music industry. John Lennon’s initial ambivalence towards the trophy adds to its historical significance.

The Auction House and Estimated Value

Gotta Have Rock and Roll, a renowned auction house specializing in music memorabilia, is currently featuring this extraordinary Grammy Trustee award as one of its star highlights. Bidding for this golden trophy is projected to reach an impressive sum of up to $500,000 before the auction’s closing next week.

A Token of Recognition for The Beatles

In 1972, John Lennon, along with his fellow Beatles bandmates Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney, each received one of these prestigious Grammy Trustee awards. However, the particular trophy up for auction originally belonged to John.

Significance of the Trustee Award

The Trustee Award is bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of recording throughout their musical careers. Undoubtedly, The Beatles fulfilled every criterion for this honor.

John Lennon’s Ambivalent Reaction

Interestingly, when John Lennon was presented with this Grammy over fifty years ago, he expressed his ambivalence towards it. Reportedly, he told the president of the Grammys, “I’m not a Beatle anymore, you can keep it.” Nevertheless, this trophy carries immense sentimental value and historical significance.

A Journey Among Friends

Following John’s relinquishment, the Grammy Trustee award found its way into the hands of one of his close friends, who also happened to be the former head of Apple Records. With the upcoming auction, a fortunate and affluent Beatles enthusiast will have the opportunity to add this significant piece to their collection.

Other Notable Items in the Auction

Aside from the Grammy Trustee award, the auction boasts an array of other remarkable music-related finds. These include a 14-carat gold and diamond money clip once owned by the iconic Elvis Presley, as well as a demo CD from Taylor Swift dating back to 2004.