Elvis Presley Lion Claw Necklace To Be Auctioned, Estimated Value At $500K


The legendary lion claw necklace worn by the one and only Elvis Presley is set to hit the auction block, and experts predict it could fetch a staggering $500,000 or even more. This exquisite piece of jewelry, considered the holy grail of Elvis Presley memorabilia, is a must-have for any devoted fan or collector.

Key Takeaway

The iconic lion claw necklace worn by Elvis Presley, a symbol of his legendary status, will be up for auction. Experts estimate its value to be at least $500,000, making it a highly sought-after item among collectors and fans. This remarkable piece of jewelry carries immense sentimental value and serves as a tangible link to the unparalleled charisma of the King of Rock and Roll.

Elvis and his Iconic Necklace

Elvis Presley was famously seen sporting the lion claw necklace for many years, both on and off stage. This magnificent piece adorned his neck during some of his most iconic moments, becoming an integral part of his unique style and persona.

A Symbol of Great Memories

One such memorable occasion was when Elvis met the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali during his prime. The lion necklace was proudly displayed around Elvis’ neck, capturing the attention of all those present. Additionally, a well-known photograph shows Elvis celebrating his daughter Lisa Marie’s 5th birthday with his wife Priscilla, with the lion claw necklace serving as a stunning accessory.

Not limited to personal events, Elvis also wore the necklace during his performances. Whether he was on tour or dazzling audiences with his Las Vegas residency, this iconic piece of jewelry accompanied him on stage more than 30 times. Even during his post-Priscilla relationship with Linda Thompson, the lion claw necklace remained a symbol of his unmatched charisma.

An Auction of Unprecedented Value

Now, after captivating visitors at the Elvis Presley Museum for years, the lion claw necklace is ready to change hands. The iconic piece, adorned with diamonds and rubies, will be up for auction with Gotta Have Rock and Roll, an esteemed auction house known for its rock and roll memorabilia.

Given its extraordinary significance in Elvis history, experts predict that the lion claw necklace could reach an astounding price of at least $500,000, if not more. Collectors and enthusiasts eagerly await the online auction, scheduled to run from November 22 to December 15. This is an unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of music history that has captivated generations, making it a truly remarkable investment.