Rachel Leviss Sells Tom Sandoval Lightning Bolt Necklace And TomTom Hoodies


Reality TV star Rachel Leviss is making moves to distance herself from any reminders of her past relationship with Tom Sandoval. Recently, she sold off a lightning bolt necklace and a couple of TomTom hoodies, both with significant connections to the former couple.

Key Takeaway

Rachel Leviss, former Vanderpump Rules star, sold her lightning bolt necklace and TomTom hoodies, both connected to her past relationship with Tom Sandoval. The necklace fetched $5,300 in a bidding war, while the hoodies received 122 bids and sold for $9,500. Rachel will be donating the proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The Lightning Bolt Necklace Auction

The 14K gold lightning bolt necklace, worn by Rachel to match the one Tom wore on the show, became a clue to their infamous affair. The necklace was listed on eBay and sparked an intense bidding war. Ultimately, after receiving a whopping 131 offers, the necklace was sold for an impressive $5,300. This piece of reality TV history found a new owner, and Rachel was glad to let go of the symbolic jewelry that once represented her devotion to someone who had power over her.

The TomTom Hoodies Bidding Frenzy

Rachel didn’t stop at selling the necklace but also decided to cut ties with a pair of hoodies from Tom’s restaurant, TomTom. These hoodies garnered significant attention, receiving 122 bids in total. The bidding frenzy came to a close when the hoodies were sold for an astonishing $9,500. Rachel even shared that she had worn one of the sweatshirts to BravoCon 2022, just before news of her affair with Tom broke out. Later on, she gifted the hoodie to Andy Cohen on the night “everything blew up in [her] face.”

Proceeds for a Cause

Rachel has decided to donate the proceeds from these sales to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a non-profit organization that provides education programs for individuals affected by mental illness. This choice reflects Rachel’s commitment to supporting a cause close to her heart and helping others who may be going through challenging times.

Stepping Away from Vanderpump Rules

After dealing with the aftermath of her relationship with Tom Sandoval and a tumultuous VPR reunion show, Rachel made the decision to step away from the reality TV series to focus on her mental health. Her time away included intensive therapy for two months, and she opted not to return for the following season. While she may be moving on from Vanderpump Rules, Rachel’s sales of these memorabilia items mark a significant step in her journey towards closure and personal growth.