Texas Rangers Dominate World Series Celebration With Booze And Creed


After their victorious World Series win against the Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers wasted no time in celebrating their triumph. The team, led by manager Bruce Bochy, threw an epic locker room party filled with beer, champagne, and an anthem that blared through the speakers – Creed’s “Higher”. The celebration was unruly and joyous, with players dousing each other in alcohol and creating a raucous atmosphere to commemorate their historic victory.

Key Takeaway

The Texas Rangers celebrated their World Series win with an unforgettable locker room party, immersing themselves in a relentless sea of beer and champagne. With Creed’s “Higher” as their anthem, the players reveled in their triumphant moment, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The Epic Locker Room Party

Right after their 5-1 triumph over the Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers’ locker room transformed into a scene of jubilation. Manager Bruce Bochy kicked off the celebration with a heartfelt congratulations speech, commending his team for their 4-1 Series win. From that moment on, it was a non-stop revelry.

Bottles of champagne and Budweiser were uncorked and constantly poured over players’ heads, turning the locker room into a bubbling, boozy paradise. The players even took breaks from the festivities to belt out their unofficial postseason anthem, Creed’s “Higher,” their voices resonating throughout the room.

The celebration was not limited to spraying each other with alcohol. The guys took it to a new level by filling buckets with beer and drenching themselves in sudsy goodness. The party was wild, with a video capturing the aftermath showing the floor littered with emptied bottles.

A Historic Win

While the party was in full swing, it’s important not to forget the significance of the World Series win for the Texas Rangers. Corey Seager, a key player, achieved a remarkable feat by becoming just the second position player ever to win the World Series MVP honors. The team’s victory also marked Bruce Bochy’s impressive fourth World Series title.

Celebrating Creed-style

Creed, an American rock band, acknowledged the Texas Rangers’ achievement by giving them a shoutout on their social media. Creed’s official Twitter account posted, “Congratulations Rangers!” in recognition of the team’s hard-fought victory.

As the team prepares for their championship parade in Dallas, they have a few days to recover from their hangovers or perhaps continue the festivities. Regardless, the Texas Rangers have solidified their place in baseball history with this well-deserved victory.