Arizona Diamondbacks Fans Cause Disruption At World Series With Paper Airplanes


Arizona Diamondbacks fans at the World Series on Tuesday night caused quite a stir as they continuously threw paper airplanes onto the field, prompting the team to threaten to remove unruly spectators from the stadium.

Key Takeaway

Arizona Diamondbacks fans engaged in disruptive behavior during the World Series by throwing paper airplanes onto the field. The team had to issue warnings in order to contain the situation while the game unfolded in a less-than-competitive manner.

Fans’ Boredom Leads to Unusual Behavior

During the Rangers’ dominant victory over the Diamondbacks at Phoenix’s Chase Field, fans grew increasingly disinterested in the lopsided game unfolding before them. In an effort to entertain themselves, some supporters resorted to folding pieces of paper into planes and tossing them from their seats onto the field.

Amidst the ongoing spectacle, numerous paper airplanes managed to reach the players’ feet, creating a potentially dangerous situation. To address the issue, the stadium’s public address announcer took it upon themselves to issue a warning, proclaiming that anyone continuing to throw objects onto the field would be ejected from the premises.

The disruption gradually subsided after the announcement. Regrettably for the Diamondbacks faithful, however, the excitement level on the baseball diamond failed to improve throughout the game.

Rangers Secure a Convincing Victory

In what was ultimately a one-sided affair, the Texas Rangers swiftly seized control of the game, amassing a commanding 10-0 lead by the third inning. Although the Diamondbacks managed to score a few runs later in the game, it was not enough to genuinely challenge the Rangers’ dominance, resulting in an 11-7 defeat for the Arizona team.

The World Series now stands at a crucial juncture, with the Rangers having the opportunity to clinch the championship on Wednesday night in Arizona. Fans are surely hoping for a more captivating and engaging game that will divert their attention away from activities such as in-game origami.