Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez Teams Up With Saxx To Raise Testicular Cancer Awareness


Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, the renowned MLB legend, has taken a daring step in raising awareness for testicular cancer. In collaboration with the underwear company Saxx, Rodriguez bared it all, appearing in a 75-second commercial to promote this important cause.

Key Takeaway

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, former MLB star, collaborates with Saxx underwear company to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Through an inventive “Ballgorithm” equation, funds will be generated by multiplying the number of “bad balls” thrown in the World Series games and donating the sum to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

In the commercial, Rodriguez confidently sported a pair of Saxx boxer briefs, proudly stating that they provided support for his family jewels “like a catcher’s mitt.” Alongside his co-host, he introduced the “Ballgorithm,” a mathematical equation that will contribute to fundraising efforts for testicular cancer.

The concept behind the “Ballgorithm” lies in the number of “bad balls” thrown by pitchers during Rangers vs. Diamondbacks World Series games this season. This figure will then be multiplied by 1,000, and the resulting sum will be donated to the Testicular Cancer Foundation.

With a genuine passion for this cause, Rodriguez stated, “The purpose is just to make people laugh and make people aware to go check themselves, and we did a nice commercial.” As a Hall of Famer in baseball’s history and currently serving as a special assistant to the general manager of the Rangers, Rodriguez acknowledged that he has faced some humorous teasing both inside and outside the Texas clubhouse. However, he remains grateful for the opportunity to prevent future tragedies through increased awareness.

Testicular cancer primarily affects younger individuals, stressing the importance of regular check-ups and self-examinations. Rodriguez emphasized, “Pay attention. This is a disease you can get in the early ages. So, our message is just to go check, because you never know.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez’s former team, the Texas Rangers, is currently tied 1-1 with the Diamondbacks and is preparing for Game 3 in Arizona on Monday night. To gain further insight into Rodriguez’s thoughts on the series, check out our interview with him.