Pudge Rodriguez Praises Bruce Bochy After World Series Win, Expects Hall Of Fame Induction


Former Texas Rangers catcher, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, has expressed his admiration and belief that manager Bruce Bochy will soon find his place in the prestigious Baseball Hall of Fame. Following Bochy’s recent World Series victory, Rodriguez commended his strategic prowess, labeling him as one of the greatest big-game coaches of all time.

Key Takeaway

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee himself, believes that Bruce Bochy’s exceptional coaching abilities will lead to his eventual induction into the prestigious Hall of Fame. Rodriguez recognizes Bochy as one of the greatest big-game coaches and credits him for his instrumental role in the Texas Rangers’ championship victory.

Pudge Rodriguez Recognizes Bochy’s Accomplishments

Bochy’s remarkable achievement in securing his fourth World Series championship ring, with a resounding 5-0 win over the Diamondbacks, distinguishes him as only the sixth manager in history to achieve this feat. Despite this accomplishment, Bochy is yet to solidify his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, Rodriguez firmly believes that Bochy’s induction is imminent.

“Hall of Famer,” Rodriguez confidently expressed. “Hall of Famer, obviously.”

Pudge Rodriguez on Bochy’s Coaching Abilities

Rodriguez, who himself was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017, emphasised Bochy’s exceptional prowess as a coach in high-stakes playoff settings. Baseball playoffs present a distinct challenge, requiring a different approach to the game. According to Rodriguez, Bochy is regarded as the best manager in these high-pressure situations.

“When you start to play in the playoffs, it’s a different monster. It’s always a different game. It’s a different ball game. And he’s the best doing that. He’s the best manager in that situation. And we all see it.”

Pudge, currently employed as a special assistant to the general manager of the Rangers, credits Bochy for his instrumental role in leading the Texas Rangers to their inaugural championship. Rodriguez acknowledges Bochy’s calm and composed presence as a significant factor that made a difference in the dugout.

“As a player,” Rodriguez explained, “you feel comfortable that, ‘Hey, he’s going to put all the pieces together to bring this game back and win for us.'”

Praising Corey Seager

Furthermore, Pudge Rodriguez also bestowed high praise upon the Rangers’ World Series MVP, Corey Seager, stating that he is “one of my favorite players.”

Looking Ahead

As the baseball offseason gets underway, Rodriguez plans to keep himself busy with his pizza business. He revealed that he will be dedicating his time and expertise to making delicious pizzas at his renowned Pudge’s Pizza restaurants.