Taylor Swift Reunites With Travis Kelce In Kansas City After Brazil Shows


Taylor Swift, the renowned singer and songwriter, is back in the United States and ready to spend the remaining holidays with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. After wrapping up her last show in São Paulo on Sunday, the songstress landed in Kansas City on Monday, reuniting with Kelce just in time for the holiday season.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift has returned to the United States and is reuniting with Travis Kelce in Kansas City, following her shows in Brazil. The couple will have the opportunity to spend the holiday season together before Swift’s tour resumes in February.

The change in plans came about due to a makeup show that Swift had to perform in Rio de Janeiro last Monday. The Saturday show had to be canceled due to extreme heat and the unfortunate death of one of her fans. As a result, Swift had to stay in Rio for an extra day, making it impossible for her to fly back and spend Thanksgiving with Kelce before her next set of shows in Brazil.

Despite being apart on Thanksgiving, it was evident that the couple had plans to spend Christmas together. With Swift’s “Eras” tour on a break until February when she will head to Tokyo, they have ample time to enjoy each other’s company during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Kelce, a professional football player, will continue playing games in the coming months, with Swift most likely cheering him on from the stands. As playoffs draw near, their schedules are aligning perfectly for them to support each other in both their personal and professional endeavors.